Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gee thanks Deb


    I always knew you were a generous and sharing person but..... did you have to share the snow!           


          Well it was bound to happen.  Yesterday it was almost 50 degrees so I don't expect it to last long.  It had been raining for 3 days before this snow so it is nice to see something different when I looked outside.  But now it can stop.

   Here it is, the day before a new year, 2007.  Remember Y2K?  We have made it 7 years past that terrible prediction and we will make it past the predictions of horrors to come.  Global warming,  Oh scare me!  From what I have read this is a cyclical event.  Hey Denver, you feel that warming yet?  And not much we can do about it.  I refuse to take the blame for something Mother Nature does oh so well.  Did you know Buffalo NY had a record snow this year?  Right in the middle of this Global Warming!  Do you want to bet they will find some way to raise our taxes or somehow make it cost us more of our hard earned cash with this new threat?  Why isn't it like the usual weather report.  We have a 50-50 chance of having some weather today.....OK, I'll take those odds.

    Now I didn't post a thing yesterday.  Was it because I was so busy like I said the other day. tree is still booth is still full.  I did make the split pea soup and have to admit to it being really yummy.  No, yesterday I soaked in the tub and tried to get rid of my ouches due to the fall I took Friday.  Did I mention it had been raining for days.  Word of warning.  Do not, and I repeat DO NOT walk on a wet bank in Croc's with your arms full.  Now with all my padding you would think I would have had a soft landing but it was not to be.  My feet went flying out from under me and I flew through the air and landed my my amble behind.  I keep thinking what I had been told, don't fall, you could break your back.  OK Doc, no problem, I promise not to fall ever again.  Like since when do you make yourself fall.  Hey, lets take a tumble today....what fun.  But I didn't break and fortunately only Rick witnessed my embarrassment.  He was very sympathetic, Why did you go that way!  You knew it was wet!

   I have no plans today.  Well, I would like to get the tree down.  If I don't empty out my booth I have to pay another months rent.  But it is cold and snowing outside.  Zoey loves the snow.  I should go for a nice walk with her and let her play. 


   Yesterday I watched Twin Peaks.  My son has the series in DVD.  Now you all have probably watched it and seen the reruns etc... but remember I don't have my TV hooked up to anything but the DVD so this is all new to me, weird and new.  I don't think I would have been able to watch it with all the commercials that would have been in it.  But without commercials it is interesting to say the least.  We are through the first season, I hear it ran for what, 8 years?  Did any of you watch it?  Is it true they never find out who killed Laura?

   Well, time to close.  I might actually go out and get some pictures today.  Snow always looks great before it gets trampled down.  I will try and get some pretty deer pictures.  I have carrots out for the rabbits and squirrels and found out the deer like them also, so I know they will show up.  Like they ever miss a day.  We have had some beautiful bucks showing up.  Take care everyone and Happy New Year.



madcobug said...

Hope the effects of that fall doesn't show up later. Please take some pictures of the snow and the wild animals. Hope the snow doesn't cover up your carrots. It is a rainy dismal looking day here in Alabama. No Snow. It's 67 º outside. Helen

nightmaremom said...

Happy New Year!!!  Snow is expected here later this evening....  That Deb... she likes to share, eh?

cacklinrosie101 said...

I happen to fall quite a bit myself for some reason.  I have some padding myself which doesn't seem to matter.  Global warming is in I hate snow so I'm glad we've had less than an inch here.
I loved Twin quirky.  Boy, you are lucky you got to watch it and commercial free.  Have yourself a good one and don't feel bad..I haven't taken anything down yet.  HUGS Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I'd love to see some more of your deer photos Julie! Have a very happy and healthy new year. I hope you aren't too stiff after your fall. Jeannette xx

lanurseprn said...

OUCH I didn't know you had fallen!!   Sheesh!  Hope you're not too sore.  
I will look forward to your pictures!

radar446 said...

Sorry you fell, but thanks for the warning.  I've passed it on to Jennifer who loves her Crocs.  Hopefully she will stay away from any wet banks while wearing them.


inquestoftruth said...

See what happens when I leave you to yourself for a day or two?   You go and throw yourself down in an attempt to defy doctor's orders!    Don't make me tell your MIL on you!