Thursday, December 21, 2006

, Winter Solstice

Yah, after today the days will get longer.  Then before you know it it will be spring and bike riding season again.  And I will be happy.  Raise your glass in a toast today, make mine water, to the shortest day of the year.



mpnaz58 said...

Hee hee...I know where your mind is...spring!!  Our winter has been relatively mild, but I'm just tired of all the darkness!!  Show me some sunshine!!
xoxo ~Myra

radar446 said...

Well, more daylight means more time to take pictures, and the magic times at the ends of the day are longer.  Here's to longer days.


ladeeoftheworld said...

Today was the winter solstice?  Yeah!!!  Things are looking up now.

inquestoftruth said...

Spring!   I can hardly wait!!!