Friday, December 15, 2006

And it's not just my MIL

And its not just my MIL that does this. I think it is a senior thing.

Admitting the patient.

So what brings you here today?

Oh Honey, I am just soooo sick.

Oh sorry to hear that, how do you mean so sick? Sick to your stomach?

No, I am just so sick.....

Sick like fever and chills sick?

No just soooooo sick honey, oh moan.....

Just tell me where it hurts, what are you feeling right now?

Just sooooo sick dear, oh so sick.

:(Oh Goody, 20 questions, I just that love that game. Added with the additional pressure of having 5 other patients I haven't seen and probably won't get to see for another hour at this rate, this is just a real thrilling game......)

OK. lets start over. when you called your children to bring you to the hospital what did you tell them?

That I was so sick..

Daughter, yah thats what she said, she was so sick!

So you rushed her right to the hospital?

Yah, she was really sick.

How do YOU mean sick?

Well, you know....... really sick.

How did she look to you?

Sick, really sick

Yes honey, I am sooooooooooo sick.

I am feeling sick also, maybe tylenol would help, or some valium, a stiff drink?

An hour later I stumble out of the room. Still not entirely sure what is wrong with patient A. Onward to patient B

How are you today I brightly ask.

Oh Honey, I am soooooooooooooooooo sick.



lanurseprn said...

OMG Julie....I go through the same thing!!!   How funny!!!  And I thought it was just ME!

ladeeoftheworld said...

YOU WERE TALKING TO MY PATIENTS.........LOL!  Aren't they frustrating sometimes?  Oh well, lol...........

erarein63 said...

Another OMGosh!  I see that all the time too!  Oh my gosh!  I just can't stop laughing. ;) De