Sunday, December 3, 2006

Today for sure


Isn't the tag cute. I got this from Cab's Creations. Her and Donna are so clever as are so many in J-land.

Well I didn't get the tree up yesterday. I did the house cleaned and my running around done. Checked with the antique mall and my purse was definately stolen. Bummer. That is $40.00 down the tube. Sigh. Dishonest people and right before Christmas too. The purse is so unique that I will know it in a second if I see it around town. Anyway didn't sell much so I will be looking for a place to sell on line again.

Rick was telling me that he heard Walmart's sales were down, especially womans clothes! Well I don't know about where you live, but the clothes in Walmart here are targeted for the tiny Hispanic teenager and if they are for woman they are downright ugly in my opinion. At 52 I don't want my tummy hanging out and I refuse to pay for pants that already look ripped and faded. Kids are buying what I would be putting into the garbage. Of course I think the clothes have been really ugly for the last couple of years. Hope the fashions change soon.

It is really sad that when you go out you see so many overweight people. Myself right in there. I don't remember a time ever where so many people where so heavy. My weight is more the norm especially in the younger woman. It took me 52 years to get this heavy, along with menopause and quitting smoking. These young woman are already as heavy as me in their 20's, teens even alot of them. I see so many really overweight youngersters. I can't help but look in their baskets at the grocery stores and see pop, chips, little debbies, frozen prepared foods and very little fresh fruit and vegetables. Quick easy to eat foods. I am quilty of that at times, but when I started this weight loss journey I quickly realized that if I had to prepare and cook my foods I didn't snack as often. Using fresh ingredients makes the food taste better. When I look in my basket I see apples, pears, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chicken, lean pork, black beans and dried beans for soups. No pop, no chips, no treats. So why am I still heavy? I exercise, eat so much better then we used to. Rarely snack. Must be my age.

Did you all read that story about the really fat lab that they had to remove from the owners? It weighed around 150 I thinks and could hardly walk. The owners refused to cut down on its food. I told my mother in law that if she doesn't watch it they will come take her fat cat away. We have been fighting with her for months to stop feeding the cat so much.

All of our pets eat Flint River Ranch which I sell. It is a great food. Since it has no filler a little goes a long way. Her cat should only be eating a half cup a day since it is a little kitty. She keeps giving it 3/4th of a cup. The cat is so fat that its tummy hangs almost to the floor. I think it weighs around 14 pounds. Now I had a male cat that weighed 16 once but it was a huge cat and a lean mean fighting machine. Her cat is a lazy fat cat. I have it on diet food and have threatened to keep the food here and only bring over a half cup a day. Maybe she is getting senile. She always acts like this is the first she has heard of it when I mention it. We used to tease her and call her the food pusher, but it isn't funny. I thought about measuring out a half cup and putting it in baggies. Giving her a weeks worth at a time and if she ran out early then she would really see the cat driving her nuts. I told her just a few pieces at a time thoughout the day instead of a 1/4 a cup 3 times a day. Sigh. She is so stubborn.

I usually drink no fat organic milk which I really like. Since they were out my husband got my 1% organic milk. Boy does it taste creamy after the no fat. Weird.

    Well, time to get ready. Wish I had a valium for my husband, I remind him he is the one who wanted so many lights on the tree, I think we have about 13 strands of lights. Would drive me nuts too. When I suggested buying a pre-lit tree thought he looked at me like I was nuts so he has no to blame but himself. Hope they all go on smoothly and the lights all light. Then I can get my ornaments out. I will take pictures of some of my favorites.



candlejmr said...

Ahhhh, the overweight of America.  Yep, I know exactly what you mean, especially when it comes to the kids.  My daughter is a freshman in college and is gaining weight rapidly.  There's such a fine line when discussing weight, especially with a teenage girl.  I look at her and I think "you are YOUNG, this weight would come off SO fast if you would just work at it!" but here I am at 45, overweight, and I know I didn't make healthy decisions at 18 either.  I don't want her to grow up like me....but, I don't want her to develop an eating disorder or being obsessed with her weight either.  

So, I go to Weight Watchers, eat healthy now, get some exercise...and hope she follows in my footsteps!


cacklinrosie101 said...

That's a darned shame about your purse, Julie, but thefts around Christmas are so abundant.  LOL at Walmart.  The SC in my area sells lots of appropriate clothes.  I live in a rural area where most are large and larger so the clothes are appropriate for the needs here.  I find quite a few things at mine but not so when I get closer to the city.

My dog and cat are both on special diets.  The cat gets low residue stuff from the vets, and Grizzly gets an adult formula from them with no corn filler and glucosamine added.

I have a pre-lit tree I got last year after Christmas.  I just have to figure out how to put the darned thing together.  Have a great Sunday.  HUGS  Chris

jckfrstross said...

i hope you get the lights up wow 13 strands i would go nuts lol last year we got the big old fashioned lights for the tree i love it but have no desire to put the tree up :( so who knows if some one else does ok