Saturday, September 9, 2006


     I am feeling better so life is once again good.  Rick is also feeling better.  I told him we should have just gone to Iowa City after all and we would have been in good shape for the brew fest but who can tell.  If we had driven 6 hours and still woke up feeling awful we would have been ticked.

    I am showered and dressed ready for a cool bike ride today.  It rained last night so it might be a messy ride also.  Goal for today, 30 miles but we shall see.  I will be wearing my new t-shirt of course.  I hope to do 30 miles tomorrow also.  Not sure where I can go in this town on trails that would get me the 30 miles unless I double my usual trail but I am going to do hills today if it  kills me.                                   

   I visited Dad's journal today and borrowed this neat link.  I will watch it next time my MIL gets to me.  I love her but she has a way of pushing my buttons.

    Someday that will be me in the slideshow and I hope my kids will remember that.

   Well,  everyone have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


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