Monday, September 18, 2006

A Cavity!


        I can't believe it, Rick hardly ever flosses or even brushes his teeth as often as I do and I HAVE THE CAVITY!  Sucks big time.   Plus I don't like getting my face numbed and sitting around all day with coffee dribbling down my face.   Once I had 2 teeth pulled.  I had to walk through our downtown.    People were staring and pointing at me.   I smiled through my pain and numbness thinking they know, they know I have just been tortured.  How?   It was a terrible tooth extraction.  He stood on my chair twisting and turning trying to get my tooth out while I cried and wished for an easier death.   What had I done to deserve this horror!

     Staggering to my car I turned the key and started the engine.   Checking the mirror for cars I reeled in horror to see my face staring back at me.   The dentist had stuck guaze rolls in each corner of my face giving me chipmunk cheeks.  Drippling down each of my swollen and disfigured checks was a trail of fresh bright red blood.   No wonder everyone had stared at me in shock and disbelief.   I looked like someone had punched me hard in the jaw.  Repeatedly.   I couldn't even feel the blood dripping down the corner of my mouth because I was so numb.

     I can't get in until Dec. to get my tooth worked on.  That gives me a few months of carefree living.  Then the horror........the horror...................................................


mpnaz58 said...

Yikes!!  Dentists are the absolute WORST!!  Just thinking about that whirr of the drill makes my stomach hurt!!  My husband doesn't brush or floss as much as I do either, and his teeth are in much better shape than mine!!  Its not fair, I tell you, its just not fair!!  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra

emabecmar said...

visiting your journal by way of sugars, i know how you feel about dentists, i just had 11 teeth pulled and have 6 more to go. hope it goes well for you. have a good night.

lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie!  That seems like a long time to have to wait for a filling.  I hope they'll put you in sooner if they get a cancellation.
Horrid story about the extractions.  Hate that!
Take a pain pill tonight and sleep well my friend.

siennastarr said...

I'm with you, Julie..   The dentist is not my favorite place, but I force myself to go at least once a year.  More than that is just too much! lol


inquestoftruth said...

My hubby has that kind of story, there the dentist straddled the chair and him and yanked away so hard his head was bobbing around.
Cracks me up every time he tells it.
I'm a sadist!  OMG