Friday, September 29, 2006



I got pulled tonight.  Its enough to make any nurse groan.   Truth be told patients are patients are patients so it really doesn't matter where you work, the patient care is basically the same.  What does matter is getting out of your comfort zone.  Working with your co-workers and knowing they will be there for you if needed.  The comfort of friends.   I did not have a bad night though and from talking to the nurses on my floor it sounded like I had picked a good night to get pulled as it was wild over there.

    I got through my CPR and am good for 2 more years.  Now I have to do my competences again.  Gee time flys.  Its always something. 

       It used to be you just did your CEU's and that was good enough.  An occasional meeting, no big thing.  Then they started adding more and more mandatory things you had to do every year to prove you were good enough to do the job you do every day.   Gee they can't tell that day to day?   I am not the stupidest person so I think being told every year how to work the temporary pacemaker is a tad redundant.  But I get paid extra for it so I guess its OK. 

    There is no good time to do it though.  My day off!  Sucks.  Who wants to go in on their day off.   My day to work?  Sucks also.  I already work 12 hours, who wants to work more?   Just give me a computer program.  Yah that's it, make it like a journal that I have to read, yah that's it.  I could do that.

   Anyway I had a long day yesterday and have been up for 25 hours so far so is nitey nite all.




sugarsweet056 said...

Lord, I remember getting 'pulled'. I never met a nurse who LIKED it! :) LOL
Yep, one class or another!!!
Have a good weekend. {{{}}}

nelishianatl said...

My friend Bret hates it too.  She's a charge nurse in a rehab unit at a hospital in North Atlanta area.  She says she lives to work as all she does is work and sleep.  Sorry.  Hope it gets back to normal soon.

siennastarr said...

Nursing is a hard job, and sometimes a very thankless one!  Having worked in the ER and watching those nurses fly around for 12 hours was really something.  I don't know how they did sometimes.

Have a nice weekend, Julie..


jckfrstross said...

you need to sleep:)


ladeeoftheworld said...

I am THE single nurse in my clinic.  No chance of ever being pulled again.....I love it.