Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bike Ride

  The weather was just screaming for a short bike ride so off we went.  It was perfect.   11 miles seems so short now but I didn't have time for a longer ride.  It is so nice how easy it is now.  My muscles were slightly out of practice when I started but in no time I was pumping along without any problems.   Good speed also and at times I was going 15.6 mph which on a hybrid bike is pretty darn good.   I keep my gear set on 3 which makes you pump harder but I want the ride next week to be easier on me. 

    I just had a cardiac cath this year after having problems with chest pains.  I shouldn't be worried as my cath was fine but it does bother me that I get so much chest pain when I ride.  For one things it does take some of the joy of riding away when your in pain and the other thing is every nurse has seen people who just had a normal cath and a normal EKG drop dead of a massive heart attack.  I just wish it would go away.  Anyway besides that it was a lovely ride.  No pictures though as part of my training I wanted to ride hard and not stop.

   We are going to have some t-shirts made for our ride next week.   My will say I am a wheel woman and Ricks will say I am wheel man and we want a picture of a bike rider man and woman on them.  Wish I knew how to do the graphics everyone does so I could design something nice but hopefully the t-shirt store will have some bike graphics we can pick from.  Of course if any clever graphics artists reading this want to design something that would be cool.

   Well, time to do supper and get ready for work.  Should be interesting tonight.  I am charge at 11 and the only help I have so far is 3 nurses who are on their first night of orientation.   I know they are working on fixing that and hope they have been successful.  Reminds me of the day when I started 27 years ago.  I got taken off orientation on my 2nd night and never went back on.  Sink or swim is how they used to do it.   It is so much better now.



siennastarr said...

Julie, I know you're a nurse, so I'm not questioning you in anyway, but does your doctor know you get that chest pain when you do something active, like bike riding?  I was just wondering.


jckfrstross said...

go to your doc and tell him about chest pain please i don't want to lose you ok


lanurseprn said...

Go have them investigate the chest pain, ok?  There is a reason for it...and I'm worried.
You're right, orientation is much better now.  Thank God!