Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back to work


    We did end up going out last night to listen to jazz and had a nice bottle of wine.  Rick bought me this lovely rose from one of those rose people.  You know the ones.....

   Work tonight.  I don't go in until 11 tonight because I have CPR class from 5 to 7.   Nurses have to take continuing education classes every year and I have to do CPR every 2 years.   I sometimes think it is silly since this is not the type of CPR we do in a hospital setting but it is in my job requirements so I have to do it.  There are some changes this year so I actually got the book early and will study some today.

   Supper was great yesterday.   Marinating the chicken all night really gave it lots of flavor.  I have no idea what to do about supper tonight.  I will be in class until 7.  I told Rick I had done such a great job making wonderful meals all week it was up to him to come up with something that Dan could eat before he leaves at 6 and I can eat when I come home at 7.  I have a feeling it will be pizza but we shall see.

      I did some fall shots yesterday and thought I would share this one.  As usual Ricks 20 minutes were more like an hour and the day got overcast.  It was nice hiking through the woods and the dog loved it.

    I had to show these turkeys as I like this picture

   Well that is all.  I have to finish my laundry and study.  You usually take the test first and then do the annies after sitting through a really boring movie.  What fun.


lazarai said...

Thanks for sharing your fall photos....I miss being up north this time of year (I live in FL).

:) Carol

lanurseprn said...

After all of these years he still buys you a rose. wonder you have been married so long!  I think that is sweet!
Love your pictures.  Wow the fall colors are so vibrant!  
Hope you have a good night at work tonight.  Good luck in CPR.  I get so bored in that class!

jckfrstross said...

love the rose:) hope work goes well tonight


inquestoftruth said...

That one pic looks like a fantasy land.    Beautiful

nelishianatl said...

I know the rose people you are talking about.  That was so sweet of him.  I love the fall picture too and the turkeys, well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.