Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another beautiful day out.

    The weather looks great out there again and I would like to go for my car ride to check out the fall colors.  Rick is putting new brakes on the car this morning so if we go it will be later.

   The highlighting on my hair turned out so nice.  She put some red highlights in it this time which I have never had but really look good.   Unfortunately the red will fade sooner she said.  I like it though and Rick likes it.  He always did like redheads.

    For supper tonight I am marinated chicken breasts in that toasted sesame low fat dressing I got from Depo Deli.  I just know it will be great on chcken.  We will have yams with them and I have some green beans I am cooking.  Rick will grill the breasts.  Yummy.

   I took lots of pictures on our ride yesterday using my new filter.  It really brings out the blue in the sky and the clouds look wonderful.  Check it out. http://journals.aol.com/midwestvintage/MyPhotoJourney/entries/2006/09/26/-using-my-circular-polarizer-filter/874

    I hope everyone has a great day.  I think it was Jackie who was asking what lap band surgery was.  Here is a link on that.



lanurseprn said...

What time is dinner? I'll be right over.

nelishianatl said...

Dinner always sounds so good at your house.  I hope the red stays in your hair for a bit and you and Rick both get to enjoy it.  I love yams and green beans.  I think I'm going to go and make me some.  You've made me hungry.