Tuesday, September 5, 2006

My Doggy Update


Zoey is doing better.  I was just writing this update when the vet called to see how she was doing.  That always makes me know how concerned he is. 

     The last time Zoey got real sick he called often.  That is when it hit me she was really sick.  She had gotten loose and ate something that started to affect her liver and we almost lost her.   He is really good about seeming not to be too worried when your there, but by the way he calls to check on her and the relief he shows when she is better I know he was concerned.   I really like my vet.  So now I wonder if he thinks Zoey is sicker then I thought?  Anyway she seems better and isn't rubbing her nose anymore.  Back to her happy carefree self.  When Zoey is happy we are all happy.


    This is really a poor quality shot but I like the way this squirrel looks like he is praying before his meal.  Isn't is cute.


      My weight is staying the same.  Up and down a few pounds but not consistantly down.   I blame it on Rick.  He made steak last night with twice backed potatoes and corn on the cob.  The night before he made this heavenly hamburger steak smothered in sauted onions and mushrooms with this really rich tasting gravy.  He had mashed potatoes and green beans with it.   Real comfort food.   Low fat though......not.   He did not however make me eat it.  I only have myself to blame.  

      He is still riding his bike to stay in shape for the ride.  I have been working or sick so I haven't done any riding.  Riding a bike gives you a big appetite and his meals are reflecting that.   Lying around sick or working does little to work off meals like this.  Of course I could do the cooking....... but Duh!   I am not stupid.   He likes to cook,  I don't really care for it.  I have been taking small portions though and he tries to use low fat or lean everything.  I take 1/2 a potato, 4 ounces of steak, half of an ear of corn, no butter.  So I am not gaining, I just am not losing.  

       The weather here is considerable cooler.   I sit by the window and watch the brown leaves fall.  I am not ready for winter.  It feels like it will be a bad one to me.   No more bike rides,  I will have to wear my shoes instead of croc's,  bulky coats,   yik.   We will be going to the gym again working out and my heel will start to hurt all over, my shoulder will get gimpy...... but  I will get my muscles tone better on my arms again.  Trade offs.  Why is this so hard.

   Right now Rick and I are reading a book called Over The Hills by David Lamb.   He is a 54 year old man who decided to ride his bike from Virgina to California.  He did no training for the trip and still smoked and drank.  Slowly he got all he needed to finish the ride as far as muscles and it is good reading.  Makes me want to jump on my bike and take off.   Except he is a writer and can take off on his bike for a huge ride and get paid for it.  I would be broke.  Rick reads slow and I have always read fast.   I read when he is outside working on his motocycle which is not running well and he reads the book while I am at work.  Works out well.  We both are getting wanderlust reading it.   I want an adventure.  Before I way too old.  Sigh.


   A friend at work, inspired my my tales of riding got her bike out and tuned.  She started right out riding around Adams nature trail with her husband.  That is 7.5 miles if you do the short trail they did or 11 if do the trail we do.  Of course I had told her to start out slow and work her way up.  You really to advance quickly.  It is amazing how fast your muscles get used to riding.  Anyway...... her butt was killing her and she hasn't riden since.   It is very important to have a good seat on your bike.  Almost the most important thing.   I was numb where you don't ever what to be numb for over a month when I first starting riding my old bike.  I finally got a good seat and a jell pad and it went away.   That really takes away from the enjoyment of the ride.  I also started slow.  I think 3.5 miles the first week, 11 the next and on and on.  Small hills slowly working your way up to bigger ones, OK so I don't do that much,  but I encouraged her to get a jell seat and try it again.  Gee,  I am a trend setter.  Maybe next year we can all do a nurses bike ride for some good cause.   Like my retirement or something. 


siennastarr said...

I still admire you for all the hard work you do, as far as riding your bike and exercising.  It can't be easy to keep losing when hubby is making all those yummy dinners.  I would not have the will power to not eat.....alot!  Comfort food is my downfall!

I am glad that you are feeling better though.  Hopefully you will be able to get back out on your bike, before the weather starts getting too cold.  I don't even know what cold is, here in Southern Cali.  It's never cold where I live.  I just can't wait for the temps to drop below 80.  I'll be one happy girl then!  


jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)