Sunday, September 3, 2006

Rain, work and weight loss

  Sleeping was great has we had a huge downpour and it is so nice sleeping to the sound of rain.  I slept until 4!  Quick shower and a quick entry as I am eating at my MIL's.  She makes the best chicken.

   Work went really good last night.  I still didn't feel great when I went but as the night went on I felt better and better.  Started out on my floor with 4 lovely patients and then at 11 I had to go to a different floor and got 7 different patients.  All lovely.  So it was a good night.

    I just got out of the shower so popped on the scale for my daily dose of depression and despair.  Whooooo,  the weight is back down again.  A week of not riding my bike and my muscles are shriveling away, LOL.  Got to get back on the bike though.  Thursday we will ride, and all weekend to get ready.  I want the rest of the ride to be easier on me then the first day was.

    Well I have to go and get ready to leave.  Everyone have a wonderful long weekend.  P.S.  You have to see Akeela and the Bee if you haven't yet, wonderful movie.  Reminds me of my lovely and talented niece Ashanti.


lanurseprn said...

Glad you are feeling better and had a good night.  Rain is great to help you sleep.  I love the sound.
Have a good dinner.

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your dinner:)


siennastarr said...

So relieved to hear you are feeling better!  

Have a nice day today! :)