Monday, September 18, 2006

A day off.

  Of course I have to spend some of it at the dentist for my teeth cleaning, not fun but still it will be nice to chill.  Cool and cloudy out right now.  I got a new filter for my camera I am just dying to try out so of course it will be cloudy everyday I am off.  I wish I had had it for my ride.  No bike ride today.  By the time I wake up around 1 and get ready for the dentist and then get supper fixed it will be late.  I hate that it gets dark so soon. 

  Tomorrow Zoey goes back to the Vet.  Her nose looks much better and she is happy as a dog.  No worries.  I hope he says she is all better and it is not lupus.  Still have to see about getting the lumps taken off.   Also my son told me he is thinking of moving out.  Sigh.  I will really miss him.  We don't see him much but if he moves it will be even less.  I want them to be babies again so we can do it all over again.  They were so fun when they were young.  Course the teenage years sucked some times, LOL.

    Well, I had a busy night last night so am ready for bed.  Happy to say I save a life last night.  Just all in a nights work but it is a nice feeling knowing someone is alive today because of you.  Night all!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Yuck I hate the dentist...I go Friday....will keep your dog in my thoughts and prayers.  I am glad that someone is alive because of you..Try to enjoy some of your day off...Have a great one...Hugs,TerryANn

madcobug said...

I hate going to the dentist for whatever reason. Hope Zoey will be ok. That is great that you saved a life. Helen

candlejmr said...

I am very new to your journal but you sound like an amazing woman.  I hope your dog will be OK.  I know a little abouthow you feel with your son moving out.  My oldest just left for college for the very first time....and I miss her all the time!  (She's not even that far...but I miss her anyway!)  

Hope your visit to the dentist is completely uneventful!  (lol)


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your week:)


lanurseprn said...

Sorry your son is moving out.  I wish mine were little again, too!  I treasured it then and I sure wish I could go back sometimes.  
Glad Zoe is doing well.  
Nice feeling to have saved a life, isn't it?  Nothing like it!  Good job Nurse!!