Friday, September 29, 2006

I am such a wimp

   Just doing CPR yesterday has caused my back to go out. Yikes.  I woke up from a great sleep where I was finally catching some fish and my shoulder and back between my shoulder blades is soooooo sore.  I have two bulging discs there but since my breast reduction they don't bother me as much.   They sure are right now.   The good thing is Rick rubbed some biofreeze on my back and something about his rough hands rubbing the lotion on felt pretty darn good!    Hopefully I will be right as rain for work tonight and can work the kinks out.

    I haven't done a darn thing since I got up but read journals.  Everyone is doing well in J-land or as good as can be expected.  I am sending Krissy and John some extra prayers today.

   Rick is making hebrew nation hotdogs today.   I love those dogs.  They make a low fat one that is wonderful and all beef.  Put some chili on it and I am in heaven.

   I have been doing my journal in beta when I remember.  I just have to use that link all the time.  I just realized I forgot again so will have to change my links .  They want us to use it all the time.  I have to find out what different things you can do with it.  Since I usually don't go way out on graphics for anything I probably won't change much about how I journal but I do what I can to comply with requests.

   Well, that is all.  Below is a picture

I took for the Monday Morning photo shoot.  I love horses.


   Is anyone else having trouble with thier journals right now.  Look how wide mine is.  You can't even read it all.  This just started a couple days ago.  Is it the beta mode?  Let me know if it is just because they are working on them.


madcobug said...

I don't know anything about beta. Your journal looks fine on my screen. Sometimes a picture or graphic is to big and that makes your journal wide but if you remove it then the journal goes back to normal. Hope your back feels better soon. Helen

siennastarr said...

I haven't tried to do my journal in the Beta format yet.  I will wait till the last minute, like I do with everything.  I don't care for change.. so.. when I have to change to Beta.. I will.. until then.. I will remain status quo~lol

Yes.. it is a bit wide (your format)..  that's another reason why I don't want to change to Beta yet.  Let them iron out those kinks first! lol


jckfrstross said...

i hope your back feels better soon


inquestoftruth said...

Your journal looks fine to me.   My sister had that problem, though.

ladeeoftheworld said...

CPR is a!   I am so glad that certification last 2 years now.