Monday, September 4, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

  When I had TV that was one of the shows I used to watch.  At first I thought he was crazy but I loved his show and thought him and his wife Terri were so cute together.  I am shocked at his death.  How sad and tragic.   Rest in peace Crocodile Hunter.



lazarai said...

Yeah, poor guy -- I got stung by a small stingray and the pain was amazing! I heard that the giant sting ray barb got him in the heart -- I can only hope that his death was instant, and I suspect that it was, judging by the searing hot pain I felt in my foot. I feel for his wife and kids!! His loss will be felt around the world.

:( Carol

nelishianatl said...

I had no idea.  I hadn't watched this show in years but loved him and his wife.  I knew he has two small children.  I'm going to go and find out more.  Thank you for telling us.

siennastarr said...

I found out about this last night, as it actually happened yesterday in Australia, and I read it on someones journal from across the pond.  Very sad, indeed.  Unfortunately, a hazard that he lived with everyday doing the kind of things he did with wild animals.  I feel bad for his wife and son..


lanurseprn said...

So sad.  My son and I have enjoyed his show throughout my son's young childhood.  When my son wanted a snake I was horrified. My son says "Well the Crocodile Hunter says they are safe and that they are beautiful creatures." He got the snake.  And still has it.

linnpooh said...

I was really sad about this too...such a tragic ending. But, I'm sure if he had his wish, he would have picked to go out doing what he loved. Still.....he will be missed.
Congrats on your weight loss Julie....good for you!!
Also, congrats on your two year anniversary from smoking....THAT is a huge achievement. AWESOME stuff.

Pooh Hugs,