Monday, September 25, 2006



          This morning I am getting my hair highlighted.  I am lucky at 52 to have little grey hair but it is a icky brown color now that I am older.  I was tow headed as a child and it just kept getting darker and darker as I got older.  Now a pretty brown, just a mousy brown so highlighting it makes it look like it used to when I was younger.  The face gives me away though, lol.


           It is sunny out and cool.  Rick got some super puncture proof filled with green slime tubes so we are riding today.  Not sure where.  Probably out to Adams or I want to do the new bike path again.  Might be some fall pictures I can take.  We shall see. 

    I also am started to count points again today.  We shall see.  I have been hungry for homemade split pea soup lately and potato soup and chicken and dumpling soups.  All the heavy fall and winter soups that take the chill out of your bones.  I also have ordered some Vic's hot buttered rum mix.  We used to get it around here but people don't drink those type of hot drinks anymore.  They are wonderful in the winter.  That or hot cocoa with peppermint snaps in it.  Warms you right to your toes.  

        My father-in-law used to make us a bottle of peppermint snaps every Christmas.  It was so smooth.  I sure miss him,  and his peppermint snaps.  I have the recipe but it isn't the same.

      I have been listening about the movie they made that shows our president being assassinated.  Why no public outcry.   Whether you agree with him or not we should not be letting another country make a movie like that without screaming our support of our president.  No one is patriotic like the old days.  Its like airing your dirty laundry now a days.   We can say what ever we what in the states, but we should show a united front elsewhere.  JMHO.  Political statements should be left out of movies.  They should be bipartisan.  Reason number 852 I gave up TV. 



sugarsweet056 said...

Just wanted to stop by & say hi. Hope you have a lovely week.
Hugs, Sugar

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


mpnaz58 said...

I have highlights in my hair, too!  However, I DO have lots of grey hair, so I have to tint AND weave...kinda pricey, but I love it.  Funny, how something as small as just getting your hair done, can perk you up!!  Our "fall" weather is temps still in the upper 90's...I am so jealous!!  Have a great day...
xoxo ~Myra

siennastarr said...

Julie, what movie are you talking about with our President being assasinated?  I've not heard of that till now.  Is it a foreign country film, or some weirdo on the internet?

I love potato soup!  So do my kids!  When I make a big pot of that, they are all over here! lol

Enjoy your bike ride!


ladeeoftheworld said...

I'm naturally
I get so hungry in the fall.  I know exactly what you mean about craving hearty soups.  Mmmmm.

lanurseprn said...

My hair is frosted too....but we won't tell!  I haven't heard about that movie.  I agree they shouldn't make stuff like that.