Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hi all


  Pop on over to Dads and let him know your happy he is back up and running with his journal.  Jeff helped him straighten everything out.  Dad does an entry each and every day and really missed his journal not working, and we missed him.  He has the coffee and a smile ready.

     We had 3 new nurses on the floor last night.  It was fun watching their freshness and happiness.    I hope they have as many years loving the profession like I have.  They had lots of questions so kept me on my toes and the night flew by.  From what I can see so far they will all be good nurses.  Good bedside manners already and good attitudes.


    Zoey did well at the vets.  The vet thinks it is allergies since she responded so well to the shot.  He is giving her steroids for a month.  I am not real happy about that as the side effects can be bad but she is doing so much better I will give it a shot.  She looks pretty happy and has lost some weight so that is good.  Down to 64 pounds of pure soft doggy fur.

    My ankles are down today also and I am down 2 pounds so I had more fluid on board then I had thought.  So like Zoey I am feeling pretty good also.  No soft doggy fur though.

   Yesterday right before I was leaving for work I looked in the back yard and saw these 2 bucks.  The buck stops here, LOL.  Terrible pictures as I had to shoot through the window.  I have noticed if you point anything at the bucks they are gone.  Too many people wanting to put that pretty head on their wall.   Now there is one I just can't understand.  I hate the taste of deer meat and they look so much prettier this way.  If only they would stay out of the street in front of cars and out of my garden.  They all the love the pears from the tree though.



sugarsweet056 said...

Will visit Dad.
Happy about Zoey!!!! Hope the side effects aren't bad. :(
Glad you are well also.
Deers are beautiful!
Hugs, Sugar

nelishianatl said...

I hate the taste of deer meat too.  I craved it when I was pregnant with my first child.  After that, I could never touch it again.  Now I just want the skin for stuff, like shoes and a Native American dress.  Tags are real cute.

jckfrstross said...

i only like venision if its dressed out right other wise it tastes funny. love the picture they do seem to be enjoying the pears:)
i hope your ankles stay down:) my 1 is so swollen


inquestoftruth said...

There is just no way I could ever shoot such a thing as a deer...or even a rabbit.   However, I have tasted some deer dishes that are pretty good.   My brother is an avid hunter, and his wife is a wonderful cook.... and they always point out how much healthier deer meat is....but it ain't no hamburger!   Is that really your Dad, or is that is sn?    I haven't checked it out yet...on my way now.

siennastarr said...

Sorry your ankles are swollen again, Julie...or maybe I should say...still.. :(  

Those deer are beautiful!  Can't imagine seeing something like that in my back yard!


lanurseprn said...

Those bucks are so beautiful!  I'd love to have them around here running around.  
Glad you had a good night.  Good luck to those new fresh nurses!  Love your nurse graphics!!

springangel235 said...

It is so nice to hear a nurse say they love their job...refreshing!!!  
I had a doggie with allergies...been on the same therapy for Zoey is.
Hope that swelling comes down in your ankles...
Love the bucks in your nice...peaceful...have a wonderful end to the week...hugs,