Friday, January 6, 2006

Wow, I've Been Tagged!

    Well I woke up and found this this morning.  Things that drive me crazy,  only 5, things that meditation don't quite get rid of, hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Food for thought.  This is so much like a chain letter which I normally never send but it is kind of fun and thought provoking which I like.  Hope I don't anger the 5 people I tag.  Good clean fun here OK!  Good way to get the nut thinking in the morning.  OK , Here goes. This is who tagged me.

These are the rules of the game: You must write a journal entry listing the 5 things that drive you CRAZY  ~ as well as the rules of the game... Then, you select five people to tag and link their names/blogs in your entry... Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed. Those five then MUST write an entry listing What drives them crazy and tag an additional five people...

 1.  Mean rude people.  At the pharmacy the other day the man in front of me was raising cane because his pills couldn't be filled early.  Not the pharmacies fault, his insurances rules.  As he screamed and cursed and almost popped a blood vessel I felt so sorry for the poor girl who had the misfortune to wait on him.  I do hope the pills were for his anger management and they obviously weren't working.  Take a chill pill people or sing a song,  I feel pretty, oh so pretty........

2.  People who talk during a movie.   I go to a movie maybe once a year or less and when I spend that much for a movie I want to see it and hear it.  Why is it I always sit behind the person who talks through the whole movie or worse brings her toddler and expects the poor kid to stay quiet through a 3 hour movie.  Leave the babies at home and shut up please.  Don't want to be rude here. LOL

3.  My dyslexia, I know exactly what I want to say or write, but a completely different word comes out. Takes me forever to write this journal and accounts for some ofthe errors.  You would think after this many years I would be used to it, but it still drives me crazy.  People who don't know me wonder why I am ironing the lawn and mowing the clothes.  Thank goodness my son was treated as a child as seems to have no problems as an adult.

4. Swearing for no reason.  My mother, who was a member of Mensa,  said an intellegent literate person could use at least 100 different descriptive words to express themselves instead of swearing and that swearing was just the product of a lazy mind.  I don't know about that, but I am sure I am sick of hearing the F word used so easily and often these days.  I rarely swear, but because of my dyslexia I usually can't come up with 100 words either, LOL.  Makes it easy to just keep my mouth shut.

5.  Lawsuits.  People are always putting their precious children on machines that adults only should drive, and then only with training, and when the poor child gets injured the parent is screaming lawsuit.  Because they didn't show enough common sense to keep their children out of harms way.  People that ride their skateboard off of a wall and then sue the maker when the wheel breaks off and they break their legs, people who come to hospital almost smiling because even injured they think their ship has come in.  Maybe they can sue and get rich.  And my policy keeps going higher and higher and it is harder and harder to afford insurance.

  Here are the people I have tagged so far.  I tried to send it to people with good sense of humor as I don't want anyone mad at me.  And remember you don't have to do it. Here goes.







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dacarson893 said...

Ut-oh!  I'm BIG TIME guilty of number 2!!!  You're so right, though.  I need to work on being more respectful of others.

I feel I can relate with number 3.  I mix up numbers.  I didn't realize that I do this until I was about 20 years old.  I got really mad after that, thinking about all the math classes where I received a D or all the after-school math help I had to do!

I really like what your Mom said about swearing.  I'll have to remember that the next time someone around me uses a swear word!