Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Feeling Better


 I notice my counter is starting over again!  What is up with that.  Does it erase after each thousand and start over?  One day I will sign on and my journal will be gone.  Lost in cyber-space along with my lost numbers.  No big loss I realize but I have gotten use to writing in this.

   I am feeling almost human today.  I stayed awake from 4 pm until 11 pm last night.  A new record.  I still feel like I have aliens perched on my chest but they aren't stabbing me as often.  I see the Doctor at 10 am and they we are definitely going to the gym.  My husband states he will let me use the treadmill and walk only, if I even look at a weight machine we are out the door but I really think some of the leg machines will be OK.  I feel like my muscles are getting soft again.  Can't have that.

   I just finished a piece of my husband egg pie.  It is pretty high in calories I think but has lots of wonderful vegetables and all fresh ingredients so a small piece won't hurt and I will start working out again.  I finally feel like I can do my 10,000 steps.  For lunch I had a turkey wrap.  I have been drinking my pineapple juice so will see if my swelling goes down faster. 

   Yesterday I had fun trying on my clothes.  Some look so much better and some don't fit anymore.  They hang wrong.  The weight gain from surgery is completely gone now that I am back on my medication and drinking more fluids.  Last week on this day I was getting my markings.  Time flie.  I have read 4 books so far and have 2 more to go before I have to hit the library again.

  Well, I had better get ready to go see the doctor.  I will post later and update how it goes at the gym.  Oh, I slept much better last night with the tubes out and actually woke up onmy side.  I know the doctor said 3 weeks but I can't help what I do at night.

   Doc was not to thrilled about my plan to go to the gym.  She says it hasn't even been a week and this was major surgery.  I just planned on walking.  The last thing she told my husband is not to let me exercise too much.   Otherwise everything is looking good.  I chided her about not warning me about the 10 pounds weight gain and she said most patients don't weight themselves.  She is pleased though and says I am doing much better then even some of her younger patients.  I told her she should have her patients do ab work for at least 1 month before surgery as it really has helped.  Next week I get the stitches out.  My skin is so sensitive to everything that I have having a problem with the steri strips causing redness. She changed them and told me to let her know it they started burning or itching to bad.  I stopped at Walmart to get another bra also.  2 isn't enough while I am having some draining.  I was looking at all the pretty, cheap bra's and can't wait until I can wear some of them.  I might be obsessed with buying them for awhile.  I can buy 5 for what I used to pay for one.  The doctor also thinks since my back pain hasn't come back it probably won't which means for me the surgery was a success since that is why I had it done.  I am so happy it worked.

   Went for a walk down by the river instead of the gym so we could walk the dog.  I only got 1/2 mile in because I started to get more pain then I cared for and it was bitterly cold with the wind.  I hope to make it more everyday.  So far no naps today but I did break down and take some pain pills about 1 hour ago so will probably get sleepy.

I was short on my 10,000 steps having only gotten in 8753 steps.  I am still not sure I have it set correctly so when I get to the gym I am going to count off 100 steps and see how accurate it is.

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dacarson893 said...

I'm glad you're feeling even better today!  That's so sweet that your husband is laying down the law about letting you work out!  He really cares very much about you!

I wonder if the lemon water trick will work for your swelling?  Or if that's just a "water retention" thing?  If you feel like trying it, you would roll a lemon on the counter (to break up the solid parts, you'll get more juice) then juice it into a 2 c measuring cup.  Fill the rest of the way to the 2 c mark and microwave til very hot.  If you can't stand the sour taste, use a little Splenda or add a tea bag.  But if you can tough it out (and judging what you have been going through, I know you can!) just drink it straight.  Works wonders to keep the TOM-related bloating to a minimum.

That's so exciting that you can buy bras at Walmart!  I am eagerly awaiting the day that this happens for me.  =)  8.97 and 9.97...wow!  Can't beat it!  Especially when I've been paying $40+ for years now!

I'm glad you got outside for a nice walk with the dog.  Even though it wasn't the gym I'm sure that the fresh (biting cold) air helped a little!