Saturday, January 14, 2006

Crazy counter

   I don't know what AOL does but that is the 2nd time I have lost all my numbers on my counter.  Sometimes I am surprised to see the journal still here.

  I got different pain medications and it has helped alot.  No more itching.   I am pretty uncomfortable today.  Staying on my back is difficult even propped up.  Sore butt.  I am used to sleeping on my side.  I also am so sleepy.  I think I slept 20 hours out of the 24 yesterday.  I feel tight and itching with sharp shooting pains in the middle and the sides.  I keep accidentally snagging the tube on the left when I am arranging my clothes and that smarts.

   I still feel pretty swollen all over especially my legs and my hair needs to be washed.  I hadn't given much thought to that before surgery and am not sure how to go about it now.  I can't shower and don't know if I could bend over the sink.  I should call my hairdresser and see if I could go in for a wash.

   So far everything is going well.  I am so happy I did all the exercising I have done because I am finding it easy to get out of bed using my abdominal muscles instead of my arms.  I am in  a little more pain then I was hoping I would be in but that could be due to all the swelling.   More tired then I thought I would be but I am over 50.  Having had many surgeries in the past I know that this will past fairly soon.  Just be patient Julie.  Drink my protein chi drinks and relax. 

    Rick helped me to wash my hair and I feel much better after washing up.  I was up for about 3 hours and then slept for another 4.  Just can't keep my eyes open.  I haven't had anything for pain since this morning and unless it gets really nasty should be fine until tonight.  I changed my dressings and that seems to be all I am up to so far.  I think I will just relax and read.  I am re-reading the House of God which is funny.  Thank goodness it doesn't hurt to laugh.  I wonder if I could stay awake through a movie.  Maybe we should rent one tonight.


tmdeqt said...

wow is all i can say. you journal has been a great inspiration to me. i see that you have come along way and have been through a lot. i am just amazed. thanks for sharing.

dacarson893 said...

What a bummer about the counter!  It's always such a great kick to see how many thousands of hits there are!

I'm glad the different pain med is working!  Just think, as you're sleeping you're losing that water weight!  Go back to bed!  =)

I'm glad that Rick helped you wash your hair!  I know it probably sounds so "girlie" and prissy but sometimes when I'm really sick, just bathing makes me feel so much better because I'm all clean!  =)