Saturday, January 28, 2006

The rest of the day

  Today I spent tearing my room apart and then putting it back together and re-arranging my closet.  I had lost my beloved charm bracelet.  The one with all the charms I got myelf  for my weight loss.  I am notorious for taking my clothes off at night and kicking them in the general direction of the closet.  Not cool, but what can I say. I was really upset.  I finally sat down and meditated to relax myself and while doing that remembered where it was I had put my bracelet,so now my closet looks great and in the last pair of pants I was getting ready to hang, I found my bracelet in the pocket.  I almost cried in relief. 

    For those who don't know I get a new charm for every 10 pounds I lose and I also got one for getting under 200.  These are rewards for myself.  My first was a butterfly to signify the change I would be undergoing, my 2nd one simply says 20 for 20 pounds lost, my 3rd is a turtle because it took so long to lose that 10 pounds, for 40 I got a bike because I ride my bike alot in warmer weather and I think it helped that 10 get off faster then the previous 10.  For getting under 200 I got a mountain because I feel I made it over the top and will coast, albeit with some bumps to my goal.  I am about ready to get another one in 5 pounds, but I have not decided what to get yet.  Maybe I should have them make me on with a bra on it, LOL.  They can make anything you want.  It's a thought.  When I reach goal I already know I will get a gold trophy.

   Eating fair today.  Had shredded wheat for breakfast and another wonderful wrap for lunch.  Trying to eat up my fruit so had a apple and grapes and some pineapple juice.  For supper we had some awesome chili.  I bought the mix at our craft fair, it is a local recipe that has won quite a few awards and I can see why, wonderful stuff..  I also had a couple of multigrain cakes.

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dacarson893 said...

Oh no!  Julie, I'm so glad you found your charm bracelet!  That was a horrible scare!!!  I truly love the charm bracelet idea!  I love the idea of a trophy for goal, too!

That's so funny that you kick your clothes in the direction of the closet when you get dressed!  You expend much more energy than I do!  I usually take my pants and undies off and just before they drop, I stand on the toes of one foot, then the other so that I leave behind a little pile of jeans, undies, and both socks exactly the way they fell!  And there they stay until it's time to do laundry!  I wonder what my carpet looks like in the bedroom?  LOL

You'll be able to eat fruit again soon!