Saturday, January 28, 2006

Things I can do 45 pounds lighter.

  When your weight loss takes this long I tend to forget where I was last June when I started.  I will never know for sure what my exact starting weight was since I didn't have a scale and never weighed in officially until I saw the doctor.  I had started dieting a month before I saw the doctor for my gastric bypass I didn't get.  I was 242 at that time and I know I had lost a fair amount of weight before that.  I would think maybe 10 but at least 5 pounds.

     At that weight putting my shoes on was getting very difficult.  I could bend down to do it, but my face would be beet red and it looked like I would pop.  When I could I always put my foot up on something to make it easier.  Now I have no problem tying my shoes. 

   I had trouble getting in some booths where the table were unmoveable.  Very embarrassing and I always looked for a table with chairs so I could move them out.  Now I always try to find a booth as they are more comfortable and I can fit into any I find around here. 

  Taking care of my grandchildren for 2 to 4 hours would completely wear me out.  Now the last time they were here for 5 days I had them 24 hours a day and outlasted them all.  I felt good. 

   My clothes were a joke.  Whoever designs clothes for women of the plus size have some things so screwed up.  The arms on my long sleeve sweaters were always way too long and the shoulders hung off my arms.  The pants fit on the waist but the legs were so wide they added an additional 20 pounds to me.  Now that I have gone down 3 sizes the fit seems better. 

   Although I am not completely happy with my reflection in the mirror, I no longer avoid it like the plague and actually now that I am in the honeymoon period with my new chest, I find myself looking often. 

    I had a triple chin and jowls.  My face has always been round with what my mother called my Swedish cheeks, but it was moon faced.  Now it is getting back to having some definition.  The weird thing is I am starting to look more like my brother, I haven't decided if that is a good thing.

    My wrists were big old fat pads as were my knees and  I had 3+ pitting edema and high blood pressure. Now I am really pleased with my skinny wrists and my bony ankles.  My blood pressure is great.

   A lot of this is due to the weight I lost and alot is due to the exercise.  I do know I feel better then I have in 10 years.  I can't wait to update this in another 45 pounds.  I want to sit and hug my legs to me.  I don't know why but that always looked so cool, maybe because I haven't been able to do that for along time.  I want not to be the fattest person in the room.  I want not to be self conscious on the few occasions we go out to eat.  I love hiking and want to be able to go anyplace at all without worrying that I won't make it.  Most of all I want to be healthy.  And You know what.  I think I am pretty healthy already.

  Though you try and fail,
and try and fail,
and try and fail again..

The only time you truly fail
is when you fail to try again.

LC on the 100+ board posting this today and I love it so am wanted to share.


sugarsweet056 said...

Oh girl...I feel this entry! There's SOOO much I can't do, but hope to be able to within the next yr or two! ;0)
Congrats to you on losing the weight! You're doing great! Really proud of you!

midwestvintage said...

Sugar, we will all do it, it will be great to re-visit this in a year and update what we can do now that we couldn't do even in this post.  I believe!


dacarson893 said...

That's so wonderful that you have compiled this list for yourself, Julie!  You really have come such a long way!  It's very good to keep things like this in mind to help keep you motivated.

I know what you mean about being able to hug your knees to your chest!  I would like to cross my arms and not have them resting on top of my chest!  And painting my toe nails...I would like to be able to paint my toenails without sitting on the toilet seat lid and propping my feet up on the tub.  I have some magazine ads taped to the face of my elliptical machine.  One is a picture of a very leggy model for a nail polish ad.  She's sitting on the floor with her legs stretched out right in front of her and she's leaning over at the waist to paint her toenails.  I want that!!!  My belly and the tops of my thighs are in the way right now!  =)