Monday, January 16, 2006

Drains maybe coming out today

   I hope they do at least.  I have to call the office at 9 and let them know how much is out of them and then see if the doctor as time to remove them.  They are driving me nuts.  I am still trying to get used to these new breasts of mine.  It feels like someone has just sewed someone else's chest on me.  Can these really be mine!  They itch and I can't wait until I can take a shower.  I have noticed that the crawling burning pain that I had between my shoulder pains is gone since I had the surgery.  I have lived with that for so long it is hard to believe it is gone.  I wonder if it will come back.  Did it really work?  Am I really going to have some relief from back pain because of this surgery?  I am afraid to hope to much in case it comes back as I become more active.

   I didn't do anything again yesterday but sleep for the most part.  I didn't eat breakfast as I fell asleep until 11:30 after I wrote in here yesterday.  I had a lean cuisine bean and rice for lunch and some pineapple and then slept again from 12:45 to 3:30.  Sure not burning any calories this way.  We had egg pie for supper and then I actually went to the store and to get some movies with Rick. It felt great to get out of the house.  I bought some V8 tropical juice with pineapple and coconut and more pineapple juice.  The pineapple is suppose to reduce swelling and help healing so I have been drinking that.  Tastes good and hopefully will help.  I am less swollen but bruised pretty good. 

      I am almost done with my book and will start another.  My concentration is better now so I can read more then a few pages before I dose off.  Soon this will all be better.  I can't wait to try on the swimsuit I got.  Going to the class the first time will be really strange.  I hadn't told anyone there what I was getting done but you can really notice, especially in a suit.  I hate being stared at and will be happy when that is over with.  Unless you have had this problem your whole life most people can'tunderstand why you would go through this surgery.  I can't understand why someone would get implants.  I always hated the attention I got because of them and then in later years the pain from the weight of them.  They never felt attractive to me.  Now I can finally work on some positive body imaging.  Mirror work like Daisy would say.

   The drains are out and if I never have to go through that again it will be too soon.  Ouch.  I keep having all these zings across my chest that they warned me about.  Not a plesent feeling.  Just going out there and then to the store wore me out.  No walking today, I need a nap.  They told me they want me eating plenty of calories right now to help with the healing.  NO DIETING.  I have increased from normal and am trying to eat good foods like apples, spinach, V8, beans etc...  She said even if I gain a little right now it is better then not having my incisions heal well.  I mentioned that I was feeling shaky and weak today and they said that is normal, it has only been 5 days and not to rush it.  So I won't.  I will take it easy as my body doesn't seem to want to do anything else right now.  Trying to make the foods I eat be important healing type foods also.  I see the doctor tomorrow to get my steri strips changed and then Wed. I can take a shower again.  I can't wait.


sugarsweet056 said...

Hey there...hope you're having a great day! Thanks for coming by my journal, do come back & visit anytime!
Looking forward to getting to know you better. Want to try & read some in your archives first chance I get.
God Bless,

dacarson893 said...

So much for the gym today!  I hope you took that nap that you needed!

I'm VERY glad that you were warned to not diet right now!  That could have been really awful if you you wound up getting sick or if your incisions didn't heal properly.  I'm sorry you were feeling shaking and weak.  That's good, don't rush anything.  Now go eat and then take a nap!  =)