Thursday, January 5, 2006

Feeling better


  Well it is alittle after 6 am and I am up.  After sleeping most of the day yesterday I couldn't sleep another minute. I am feeling better and my temp is gone.  Thank goodness.  My stomach hurts today and I don't know if it is because I had increased my ab work at the gym tuesday or from throwing up for 8 hours straight.  I wonder if that burns calories?  A silver lining in every cloud.

  I was actually hungry this morning so had a bowl of mini shredding wheat and bran with no fat milk.  Hit the spot.  I am still down this morning on the scale but won't count it until tomorrow because I was really short on water yesterday also. 

  I still have my tree up.  I was going to take it down yesterday but didn't feel up to it and my husband doesn't put the ornaments away the way I like so I  told him to wait until today.   I will get the tree down and clean house top to bottom today because I work the weekend and want the house sparkling before surgery as I won't be able to do much cleaning for awhile.  Rick alway thinks the house looks clean and would go for a month or more I think without dusting or vaccuming if I didn't do it.  The only thing he cleans routinely is the dishes.  It will drive me nuts if the house looks terrible and I can't do anything about it.

   I plan on still eating light today as although I feel better, I still don't feel great.   I think I will make ramen noodles for lunch and have cottage cheese and fruit for my snack.  I wouldn't mind beef vegetable soup for supper but my family might be souped out so I will see what I feel like later.

  My dog spent mostof the day sleeping with me.  She thinks of herself as a nurse and always spends the day with which ever one of us it sick.  If my husband gets a cut she insists on curing it my licking it.  My husband swears it heals faster but it grosses me out.  She is such a sweety though.

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