Friday, January 6, 2006

My last weekend for awhile


After this weekend I will be off work for awhile. I sure hope we can financially afford it. I took my before pictures this morning, no they will never be on this journal, and am afraid for the first time ever my stomach is going to be much bigger then my chest. I wish my fairy godmother would grant me a tummy tuck also but I will have to do it the hard way.

I have mentioned before that none of my ab workouts ever seem to affect my tummy area. Have I had to much abdominal surgery to ever get it smaller? Do I have too many adhesions, or do I still just have to much to lose. I am really hoping the more weight I lose that it will get smaller. I do have a hernia from my last surgery but that isn't the whole reason. I will really be pear shaped after my reduction though. Sigh. So far to go yet. But I will get there.

Woke up this morning feeling great. Its amazing how good it feels to be well after a yicky bout of gastroenteritis. You almost feel cleansed and really appreciate feeling healthy and well again. I am hoping to go to the gym later and workout. I feel up to it today. I have already done 20 ab crunches which isn't great but I am getting better at it. My main goal for awhile is going to be my abd. Of course all of this will be on hold for awhile. Mostly I will just be walking until I am recovered.

I weighed in at 199.6 today. That isn't solid enough for me to count yet. I think I will wait until wed. weigh in to count it for sure. I sure would hate to go up.

Food today. I had shredded mini wheat and bran again with no fat milk, 2 peanut butter rice cakes for a snack, not very nutritious but I like them, slim fast for lunch as I wasn't hungry and am planning on some cottage cheese and fruit for a snack later. We are grilling burgers tonight and I'll have mine plain with mustard. I also will have a salad and some veggies. Maybe I should cook the green beans I have frozen. So far I haven't had a single glass of water. Man I am so bad at getting that in and I really believe it is important. With that thought in mine I am off to the kitchen to get a glass.

Getting tagged today was kind of neat has I have been looking at other peoples journals. I have gotten some good ideas and it is nice to know I am doing what the successful losers have done. I am hoping work tonight will be back to usual without huge piles of food all over tempting me. I should take a picture of this gut and stick itin my purse. Every time I feel like eating, whip that puppy out and that should get me to close my mouth. Hummmmmmmmmm that might not be such a bad idea! That is the worst area for me right now. What if someone found it though!


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dacarson893 said...

Ooo!  A little peak at Onederland!  I'm glad that it did wind up "sticking" for you, Julie!

I have to giggle here with what you said about it being nice to know you are doing what the successful losers have done.  You KNOW you're a successful loser!  Just look at how far you have come!