Monday, January 23, 2006

Overweight Children

   I am gabby today I guess but something I read got me to thinking.  I keep reading posts where people say they can't get rid of all the junk food in their house because of their children! They need their twinkies and pop and candy and cookies. Say What!  Why would you want your children to go through the same struggle you are today? Look in the mirror and check out your parents.  Is there a trend in your family for everyone to be heavy. Is each generation getting heavier?  I got this heavy overeating,  but fortunately I never fed my kids that way and never had pop and junk food around.  My youngest son is very thin and fit but my oldest is heavy.  Most of his weight has been put on since he got married.  They eat alot of junk food.  I worry myself sick about my grandchildren.  Why would you want to keep those foods around to give your children.  While they are young is the best time to teach them to eat properly and in moderation. Although I hate throwing food out I never insisted my kids finish everything on their plates, just that they tried a little of everything instead of just saying, I don't like that!

   I just heard yesterday that expentant mothers who ate carrots while pregnant had children who liked carrots.  You can influeance your childrens eating habits.  Get rid of the TV's in their rooms.  Limit the amount of time they watch it.  Get a video for childrens workouts and set a time for them to exercise everyday.  Have them join the Y.  Get them outside playing.  We have to change this horrible trend of obesity in this country. 

    I know they love their children.  They put seatbelts on them.  Keep them clothed and educated.  Get them medical attention when they need it.  It is equally and vitally important to teach them how to eat well.  Make it a habit.

   Here is an excellent site about childhood obesity.  Check it out.

   I also think it is important to have your children involved in the food preparation.  Letting them help you plan a healthy meal and prepare it teaching them how to make good food choices.  It can really be fun for the whole family.  Have each child responsible for one part of the meal and have make it a healthy addition to the meal

Table 1.
Prevalence of Obese Children
(Ages 6 to 11) at the
95th percentile of
Body Mass Index (BMI) 
1999 to 2000 15.3%
1988 to 1994 11%
1976 to 1980 7%

Table 2.
Prevalence of Obese Adolescents
(Ages 12 to 19) at the
95th percentile of
Body Mass Index (BMI)
1999 to 2000 15.5%
1988 to 1994 11%
1976 to 1980 5%

   Isn't this scary.  Lets change it.

  I got this recipe from E diet

Southwestern Shrimp Wrap

12 oz. frozen, pre-cooked medium-sized shrimp
3 Tbsp. olive oil
2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
4 whole-wheat tortillas approximately 6-inch diameter)
4 Tbsp. low-sodium salsa

Heat oil in a nonstick skillet on medium-high. Add veggies; stir-fry until tender but still crisp. Defrost precooked shrimp according to package directions. Add shrimp to skillet with vegetables and heat through. Remove from heat. Place tortilla on a plate; spread shrimp mixture over half the tortilla and top with salsa; fold over the edge with the filling and roll it up.

Nutritional values per serving: 213 calories, 22 grams protein, 23 grams carbohydrate, 6 grams fat (1 grams saturated fat), 557 milligrams sodium, 2 grams fiber, 1 grams sugar and 167 milligrams cholesterol.

Serves 4


sugarsweet056 said...

You are so right!!!!! I agree 100%, I see so many overweight kids, it's really sad!
Have a good week.

dacarson893 said...

I, too, have heard people say the same thing about the junk food!  If it's not for the children, it's for the husband!  I'm thinking, "um, didn't you take a vow to love and honor your husband?"  I mean, how better to show love than to make sure that your husband takes care of himself by eating well?  And how are children going to learn how to eat properly if all that's in the house is junk food and the healthy food is on "Mom's shelf" in the fridge?  If I was a parent, I would much rather have to keep replenishing "Mom's shelf" and see the box of Twinkies stay unopened!  That is if I allowed it in the house in the first place!

Thanks for the great recipe!  It's even South Beach friendly!  =)