Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's been a Week!


 I just realized that I put the wrong day on yesterdays post, maybe I wasn't as with it as I thought, lol.  Oh well I do know it is wednesday today and it has been 7 days or one week today since my surgery.  I weighed in today and am down to what I was the day of surgery. I am alittle sad that I am not lower.  After all they removed 2.5 pounds from my chest.  So does that mean I am really up 2.5 pounds?  I am however still pretty swollen in the chest area so I am going to just wait it out.

  I don't feel any bad effects from walking yesterday and we do plan on hitting the gym today.  All 3 of us are going and I am walking and walking while they workout.  I really would love to use the leg machines and if Rick doesn't put a halt to it may give it a try.  That wouldn't affect my incisions at all.

   I got a huge bag of grapes to munch on.  Since the doctor wants me to increase my calories I will do it with fruit and veggies.  I could eat a whole head of califlower as a snack.  I also cut up some celery and apples so they would be handy to eat.  I will admit to having one or two oatmeal cookies this week also.  I include those in my diet as a treat.   I just checked out my calorie needs for my age and weight and it is 2504 calories.  I simply can't go up to the 3000 she wants.  I will go up to 2200 or 2300 and that will have to be good enough.  I went to this site to check my calorie needs.Calorie Needs - Women

   Dee, thanks for the links to the tea.  They all sound so yummy.  I will have to order some after I get back to work.

  Oh Man, can you say idiot!  I am so sore.  I didn't think I over did it.  I walked 2 miles on the track and it took me 17 minutes so I wasn't going reallyfast, but I must have alittle more bounce now that the swelling is less and I am sore plus had a small amount of bleeding when I got home.  Stupid.  I also did some reps on the leg machines until Rick caught me and put a stop to it.  By then I was getting sore and quit happily.  I have been pretty miserable since.  I did however get to take my much anticipated shower.  Heavenly.  I used a blow dryer on low to dry my steri strips and make sure I was really dry.  Now a couple of pain pills and rest the rest of the day.  At the time I did not think I was overdoing it.  All of my other surgeries they want you up and walking as much as possible.  Maybe this sports bra doesn't give me enough support.  I will have to see how I feel tomorrow.  If  I am still this sore I might stay home and be a good little patient.  I really don't want to mess up my incisions.  I had a wonderful V8 Splash tropical blend after the workout and drank 24 oz of water.  Still have not made my 10,000 steps today.

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dacarson893 said...

That's great that you got down to your pre-surgery weight, Julie!  Okay, so maybe there's still some swelling but it's only been a week!  You know what?  I'll bet other patients stay up on the scales a lot longer and I'm sure that all your working out before your surgery has helped you to get back down to this weight so quickly!

That's awesome that you guys are going to the gym!  Probably be a good idea to use the leg machines.  I have read that if you stop exercising for two weeks (especially weight training) you won't be able to pick up where you left off with your skill level.  You will have to back up a little, like lifting lighter weights or not doing as many reps.

Good thing you're using fruit, too, to up your calories!  Can you imagine if you only used veggies?  It would take you all day long to eat that cauliflower!

I know you'll enjoy those teas!  They make a very nice "once in awhile" treat.  Even though they are cheaper than Starbucks, I just can't seem to justify drinking a cup each day when I have all these boxes of tea bags that were $4 or less for more than 12 bags!!

Take care of you today!!

Dee from