Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The day before Surgery


         Well as expected I slept terrible and will probably sleep terrible tonight also.  So be it.  I want to get up early and meditate anyway tomorrow.    Calm and ready is how I want to be.

   I had my usual cereal for breakfast of shredded wheat.  At 10 I have to be at the hospital for my pre-op talk but I already have my lab done and I think I have had a ekg and chest xray done sometime this year.  Earlier I had the crud in my lungs that I got an xray for.  So really all I need is to see the anesthesiologist.  Then I am off to the libray to get some books to read, Hallmark to get some birthday cards for my sister and son, and then out to the doctor to get my markings.   My last day as a supersized chesty woman.  I never thought this day would come and I am as excited as I am nervous.  Everyone I have talked to has said it helped their back pain.  I hope I am not the exception to the rule.  My husband seems to be easier about it also since we talked to the doctor and less worried then he was.  He knows how much pain I have had over the years and hopes this will help.  I want to get to the gym today also but am not sure when I will get the time.

   Lunch will be ramen noodles and I have a great orange for a snack.  I am not sure what to do about supper yet.  Something on the light side.

   After reading the site with the obesity map I got rid of all the margarine in my fridge.  I use it so seldom as does my husband so from now on we will use butter or olive oil anything but trans fat.    I will do my part to change the color on the map to a lighter color.  If everyone tried to change the color of the map where they live we will all be happier and healthier. 

   In the 25 years I have been a nurse I have seem heart attacks and heart disease hit younger and younger people.  Women are starting to have almost as big a problem as men.  At least half of my patients are diabetic these days.  That is a huge increase.  Almost every single patient is overweight as are the nurses taking care of them.  The children are heavy and the streets are empty on summer days as kids sit on their butts in front of TV or video games instead of being outside running and playing.  We have got to change that.  They say the lifespan of people is as high as it will get and might even start to decrease again.  That is not right.  I refuse to be one of the overweight people with all the medical problems that go with it.  If I can change so can most everyone else.  I would love to see the maps show improvement.  You notice it never has gotten better.

   Anyway.  I have to get going

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dacarson893 said...

Have you tried the Smucker's natural PB, Julie?  It's an acquired taste.  Not as sweet as regular PB with hydrogenated oil but it's still very good!  One thing I have noticed is that if you mix all the separated oil into the PB, the whole thing is very fluid.  I usually drain off much of the oil when I first open the jar.  That way the PB stays solid and I can eliminate some of the fat.  I don't use it on bread, but it's great to spread onto some celery!

I have read that about how in the future the life span of the human race will be much less than what it is now.  Very scary!  We really need to shape up!  Literally!