Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back on The Journey


 My sleep pattern is pretty messed up.  It is 5 am and I am wide awake.  Not surprising since I went to bed at 9 pm.  I really didn't give my eating plan much thought the last few days while I concentrated on feeling better.  I weighed in this morning and the water gain I saw after surgery is almost all gone but I am still up 3 pounds.  I still feel puffy but not as generalized as right after the surgery so it is going away.  I want to make sure I eat healthy foods so I heal rapidly and I am really getting the itch to start moving more.  My drains should come out tomorrow and I will go to the gym in the afternoon and hit the walking track.  I am nervous about using the treadmill yet so I think I will wait awhile until the risk of having to grab on if I lose my balance is gone.  I did some yoga stretches this morning and they felt great on my tired muscles.  I am out of Anne's organic raspberry dressing and think I will go to the store and stock up on the salad makings I like.  I want to eat enough calories to make my healing go well but not so much as to gain back any weight.  I think if I stay between 1800 and 2000 that will do both.  Pineapple juice has been recommended because it helps reduce swelling and promotes healing so I will pick up some of that also.  It is one of those can't hurt might help type remedies.

   I mentioned before how much all my exercising has helped with the surgery this time.  If you knew you were having surgery like I did I would really recommend it.  Our heart patients have to get up out of bed and chairs not pushing with their arms.  Some of them really struggle with that and I would have also before my exercising.  So my advice to anyone who has a surgery coming up is do some ab work and practice getting up from chairs and beds without using your arms.  Here is a good site with some ab exercises.Exercises for your Abs

   I am doing some research this morning on healing foods. I know about the pineapple, spinach, and green vegetables but what else would help.  I would love to get back to work as soon as possible.  My heating bill was ridiculous this month and I haven't turned the temp above 65.  We are walking around in long underwear and sweaters and it still went up 100 dollars.


  I am feeling pretty good this morning.  Finally getting the fog lifted from my brain.   Pain meds are great when you need them but at my age I don't like making my brain any duller then necessary.  Aol was talking about a trauma pill this morning.  Would you take it?  I believe everything in life makes you stronger.  I love being able to experience intense joy and think it is healthy to feel intense grief also.  I like to deal with things head on and get it over with.  Numbing it doesn't make it go away or easier to cope with.  People who live long are those who have learned to roll with the punches. That is what I want.  If I am angry I want to be good and angry, If I am sad make me good and sad and when I am happy I want to yell it from the rooftops.  When my children were small I had a big round fluffy ball.  When they were angry I would tell them to take it out on the ball, kick it, punch it, yell at it, whatever it took to get it out of their systems.  Instead of hitting their brother or walking around feeling bad just get it over with.  We went through 3 balls but it really worked. 

     Breakfast this morning is going to be oatmeal with raisins and organic no fat milk.  Lunch will be a spinach salad with salmon on top, dried cranberries, crushed walnuts, and raspberry dressing if I get to the store.  Supper is going to be my husbands famous egg pie.  Lots of healing healthy foods in it and very filling.  I will have some V8 with a couple drops of olive oil and warmed up applesauce for my snacks.  I had restricted my water because of the fluid gain, but will start increasing that again also.  I am glad to be feeling better.

                       Why yes I do Now 


sugarsweet056 said...

Hey Gurl...this is my first visit! But will be back to visit. Come see me sometime. Love company.
God Bless,

dacarson893 said...

Glad you and your perky gals are feeling better today!!

That's so terrific that you're looking into foods that help promote healing.  Thank you for sharing about the pineapple juice!  I had never heard that before.