Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday weigh in

  Well today is weigh in day on the 100+ day so I can count my -2 pounds down.   I was hoping to see more this morning but alas, no change.  No gain though and that is such a good thing.

   I have a new product I will give my opinion on.  I love rice cakes and use them like dessert.  I especially like the peanut butter ones.  Yesterday I went to get some more and they have some new ones out.  Multigrain cakes made with whole grains.  1 g fiber per serving, low fat, no trans fat.  I bought Cinnamon Toast and Mable syrup, ( dessert you know,) and tried them out.  I like them.  They are not the same texture as the rice cakes which some people may like.  Each cake is 50 calories.  They seem to fill you up better then the rice.  These are made with brown rice, corn, and oats.  Now if they come out with a peanut butter one I will be happy!

   I added a site to my favorites on the left I recommend checking out.  I love the books Strong Women Stay Slim and Strong Women Stay Young.  I didn't realize they had a web site but they do.  Lots of great information there.  The message board needs to me monitored better for spam but besides that a good site.

   I had some oatmeal for breakfast this morning and am planning on eating leftover seafood pasta from last night for lunch.  I think Rick is planning to grill today since it will be warm, 48 degrees, out.  I have very hungry for a pile of brocolli so will get some today and steam them.  I am not going to work out today because of the problem I am having.  I am hoping that will settle everything down.  I will do my stretching though.  When I go to the library today I am going to check out the South Beach book.  I keep hearing so many good things about it and have never really checked into it.

   I am 5 pounds from my half way mark.  I need idea's for a new charm.  It has to be really special.  Any ideas will be welcomed.

  Every since I got the stitches out yesterday the pain has steadily gotten worse.  I was so incredibly miserable last night.  This gets weird, sorry, but I felt like I was being tortured with electrical currents connected on my nipples.  Awful, horrible, terrible feeling.  I am just so hyper-sensitive from the nerves.  I finally just went to bed with no shirt or bra and 2 pain pills and tried to meditate the awful feeling away but didn't have alot of success.  Now this morning it is not as intense, but still there.  I am having more discomfort then I did the first week of surgery and today it has been 2 weeks. Wow, 2 weeks, doesn't time fly?  So anyway, not much sleep.  I wonder if this is completely normal or if I am doing too much at the gym.  Why do I always have to push myself so far?  From having had so many surgeries I have found that the sooner you get up and get moving the faster you get better.  Everytime you walk it is easier and I have always recovered faster then alot of people because I don't let the pain stop me from getting up and around.  I hate being sick and laid up and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make the down time as short as possible.  Maybe however with this type of surgery I have messed up.


rjtrix said...

I think you need to listen to your body, and if you're in pain, you should take it easy.  Vigorous exercise where your "girls" are bouncing around can't be good.  Also, the burning sensation is very common when healing as you probably know.  All my c-section pts would complain about the same thing.  Take it easy and you'll be back to your old self soon.

PS  I have also lost 45 pounds but it's not my half-way point.  need another 22.5 pound loss for that!!!

midwestvintage said...

WTG on your weight loss.  It feels good to be losing doesn't it?  


hwnorton12 said...

Just stumbled across this site. Sounds like you are a very stong woman and will definetly meet your goal. Good for you. We all neeed to take care of our bodies.
We are now eating almost totally organic in our home. Noeasy task for the pocketbook or the adolescents but we're gettting there. My husband athletic but i am not. Have a great tradmill at home but can't seem to find the time to scedule it into my day. Any hints? As for the charm if you haven't already gotten one, what about a percentage sign or half a heart? Best wishes.

dacarson893 said...

Hi, Julie!  Wow!  You have been very busy journaling while I have been gone!  =)

I LOVE those multi-grain cakes!  I really like how they seem to disintegrate like cotton candy in your mouth!

I'm going through entries in order of the oldest ones first but I saw that you have already been working on SB!  It's a fantastic program and so healthy!  In the first cookbook, there is an article about party-planning and I was pleased to see that they interviewed a party planner who made numerous suggestions about how to throw a SB legal party.  Not that we throw a lot of parties, but I'm keeping this stuff in mind for family birthdays and such!  Those are always hard.

Wow!  Only 5 lbs. from your halfway mark is fantastic!  How exciting!  I agree that your charm should be something very special.  I'm sorry, but I don't remember what kind of bracelet you have or what kind of charms you're getting.  If you have a gold or silver bracelet, you could get a gold or silver charm that has an amythest in it.  Since you're reaching your halfway point in February, the February birthstone would be a nice touch.  Also, in the world of flowers and herbs, laurel means "success" so a charm of a laurel flower would be a nice idea, too.  Palm leaves also mean victory or success.  Ooo!  I just found this one, a gold rose means "absolute achievement."  That would be prefect!  Or maybe for your goal?

Two weeks already!  Wow!  I'm sorry that you're having so much pain and discomfort.  What do your doctors say?  I hope that eases up very soon!