Saturday, January 7, 2006

Bone Tired

  I am so tired.  It is so hard on my first night back to work.  I have been up 26 hours now and am getting ready for bed.  Last night I had a lean cuisine that was really good, a tropical fruit cup and 2 rice cakes.  Later I had my apple and melted low fat peanut butter.  Yummy and some Oolong tea.  When I got off work I had a bowl of shredded wheat and bran with organic no fat milk.  I hate to eat right before bed but I was hungry and if I don't I won't eat again until 5:30 which makes it abound 14 hours between meals.  Can't keep my metabolism revved up with that.  Rick is going to grill some pork chops tonight.  Sounds good.  I think I will forgo the potato and have a large salad with it.  It is hard to get my water in on the nights I work but I did get in about 60 oz.  Night all.

  We ended up having spagetti tonight which was really good and a salad.

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dacarson893 said...

All your food sounds so yummy!  Ooo, apples and PB!  That sounds fantastic!

Hey, if you're a really BIG tea drinker, you may enjoy these.  I use them as a nice treat every now and again.  The first website shows you all about them but I always order them from the second website.  The only way you can get them "cheap" on the original site is to order 48 ct. packages of each flavor and on the second website you can order individual infusers if you like!

I sort of justify their cost by assuring myself that they are still cheaper than buying a single Tazo tea bag and cup of hot water from Starbucks!  This is really the best tea I have ever had, Julie!  My favorites are Flora, Black Current, Oasis, and Citrus Mint.  The Ginger Lemon is awesome if you are sick!  And the Black Current smells like jam!  So yummy!