Saturday, January 28, 2006

Early Morning

  It is 3 am and I can't sleep.  I hate that.  I hate it worse when I am working.  I lie there thinking.  If I can get to sleep now I can still get 6 hours, if I can get to sleep now I can still get 5 hours and on and on.

  I did go to the gym yesterday.  I did the treadmill for 1 mile, worked out on the leg machines, walked on the track for 1 mile, did some leg machines and then walked backward on the track for 2 laps.  That works completely different muscles but does look strange.  Improves balance also.  That pretty much did me in.  I started out pretty good on my plan yesterday.  Had my slim fast,  had a wrap with low fat ricotta cheese and turkey, spinach, onion, low fat pepper jack and it was great. Blew it at supper though.  We went out and I had Widmers beer, yummy, chicken wings and garlic cheese sticks.  Completely off plan but fun to do on a very very rare occasion.

   My husband isn't real thrilled about me doing the SB diet because it will mean a change in his eating habits again but he'll live.  The hard thing will be on the days he cooks.  We might have to eat separately at least for the phase 1.

   Well, it is getting late.  I think I will try to sleep.  Night all.

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dacarson893 said...

I'm really impressed that you can walk backwards on the track!  I can only do it on a treadmill otherwise I slam right on my butt!  Or bump into people.  =)  I imagine that the lines on the track make it easier to go in somewhat of a straight line though!

Oh, my!  Garlic cheese sticks!  Sounds so yummy!

Your husband will adapt!  And he'll be much healthier, too!  I remember reading some of those success stories both in the book and the first cookbook where the wives writing in said that their husbands were initially opposed to being put on a "diet" until they saw the food!

I hope you were able to get some sleep!  I have noticed that being out of work and not having a schedule makes that kind of thing worse.  When I do have to get up at a certain time to be somewhere, I hardly sleep at all because in my head I keep feeling like I'm sleeping through the alarm clock.