Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Keyboard

Friday my old keyboard bit the dust.  The B stopped working.  Since I was tring to send a birthday card to my friend Robin that made it really tuff.  Happy irthday Roin!  Not good.  We went our yesterday and bought a new one.  Boy is it beautiful and the keys work so well.  My old one was about 10 years old and since everything else on my computer has been updated, it was high time to go high tech with this also.  This is the one I got.  Very, very, very comfortable on these carpal tunnel wrists, keys very easy to reach, extra features while not completely necessary very nice.  It has a zoom button which is great for reading smaller print.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 B2M-00012 at

   Anyway that is why no entry yesterday.  Was going all over town checking out keyboards and seeing what one I liked.  This morning I spent trying to find the CD with the first pictures I posted about my weight loss.   I wanted to do a side by side comparison.  I couldn't find the CD.  I know I have some in my first entries so I could see if I can copy and paste.  Anyway I found some from a while ago and some from today.  I think you can see some differance but it is hard to tell as I wear my clothes so baggy and now since almost everything I wear is so big they are still baggy.  I should do close up my face.  Too bad I have no early ones as my face is alot thinner.  I can see a change.  I can't wait to see how it looks 6 months from now.  Will I be at goal weight then or close?  Time will see.

6 monts ago                          2 months ago           today

    I kick myself for not taking better pictures of the beginning of my journey  I should have had shorts on and had my camera's resolution set better so I wasn't so foggy.


2 years ago, not at my heaviest                   today, still have those apple cheeks.

   I had my usual shredded wheat today.  Last night we had steak, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables with sour dough bread.  I admit to eating some of all but limited everything but the vegetables.  We were celebrating my youngest son's birthday early. It is really today but we are going to my MIL's tonight.  My baby is 29 years old!  How did he get so old when I stay so young, yah right keep fooling yourself Julie.  I bought some new lettuce so will be making a salad for supper and then I think we are having fish and wild rice for supper.  I have got to find some way to get myself drinking my water better.  I am terrible about it.  I think it is really important and I can't seem to get it done.  Shame on me.  I didn't work out today but plan on doing some yoga and Tai Chi today.  I am thinking about taking a beginners class in Pilates.  It is not supposed to be as hard on your body as yoga.  I will have to see how much a class costs as that is extra in my gym.  I am still doing my walking though.


hsauls said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pilates! It's harder in some ways than yoga and easier in others. I started with just a little book that I found on clearance at Barnes and Nobles. Pilates is great for posture and for strengthening your *core* and will help you if you're on your feet a lot. It will help with balance in the same way that yoga does and could be a huge help to you with learning to balance your new smaller body. Pilates is friendlier to your joints than yoga... easier if you don't have a lot of flexibility... and was originally developed to be done by patients in hospital beds. TRY IT! You'll love it!

have a great sunday!

rjtrix said...

You look AMAZING!!!  There is a big difference in those pictures.  Between the weight loss and breast reduction you look half the size you were before.  Keep up the good work!!!  Btw, my "baby" is 25 and getting married in Oct. and I don't feel like I'm old enough either!!!  Julie, RN in FLA

dacarson893 said...

Julie, you look fantastic!!!  Even with the fuzzy picture I can see that your head is smaller, your shoulders are much less wide, and in the last picture, look how much thinner your thighs are!  While you still have those apple cheeks, you have a jaw line now!!!  There's no jaw line in your first face shot.  Just jowls and chin.  

I never would have imagined that you had a 29 yr old!!  So how DO you stay looking so young?  =)  Your supper tonight sounds great.  I love fish!  I hope you guys have a fantastic time!

Drink your water!!


midwestvintage said...

Thanks everyone.  I can't understand why I can't find the CD with my first pictures on it.  It bothers me because I have a ton of pictures of my grandchildren on it.  It has to be around here somewhere.  It is good to look at old pictures because my weight loss is so slow I sometimes don't remember what size I was when I started.  I still have a pair of pants that I put on everyonce in awhile to remind.  They keep getting bigger and bigger.  Now if only I could get my stomach to get smaller.  That will be the last to shrink apparently.