Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fat and Fluffy

   Woke up this morning feeling fat and fluffy so I am getting ready to hit the gym.  It is 8:30 and it should be quiet there as most people will be at church.   Hopefully I will be able to work off some of this fat and fluffy feeling.  I was really bad last night and had some peanut M & M's that my husband had.  Not sure why I felt like I wanted some and now am paying the price.  Goal today, exercise, lots of water, and NO CANDY.

  OK, back from the gym and I was wrong, it was busy but not horrible.  I did something different on the treadmill today.  I set it for weight loss which is number 19 on this machine.  It started out extremely, horribly slow and showed no signs of speeding up so I did it manually.  That worked out better but after awhile it kept telling me to slow down.  I wasn't even up to the speed I usually do.  I slowed it down thinking it would eventually get faster as the incline started going way up, but it never really got fast until the 3rd hill or incline set and if I was going too fast it wouldn't incline.  It had 3 reps of inclines and walks and told me how many calories I was burning.  You set your weight and age in this program and maybe the machine thought if this fat old lady goes too fast she'll die one me!   Anyway I probably won't use that one again but I did like the incline, flat, incline, flat aspect and will do that during my workouts from now on.  I did 30 minutes on it but really don't think I got the cardio workout I was used to.   Then I did my leg workouts and increased 2 of them today as the reps were getting too easy.  I did the back machine for the first time since my surgery and was glad to see it didn't hurt or pull anywhere it shouldn't.  The first time I used this machine my lower back popped a couple of times and felt better then it had in quite awhile.  It did the same thing to my husband.  Kind of put us back in alignment.  I am not sure if it is intended for that but what a nice surprise.  I did 3 reps on the 6 machines I can use for now and then went to the upstairs track to walk.  It takes 10 laps to do a mile and I was upset to find I started getting some chest pain on lap 8.  I haven't had problems like that for awhile.  Made me nervous as I have been have some nagging pain in my left arm and elbow for the last 2 days.  I slowed down and finished the last 2 laps, but slower and then rested with some fruit juice.  Happily the pain went away quickly just by slowing down but it is worrisome.  I sure don't want another cardiac cath.  Terrible patient that I am I am chocking it up to the M & M's.

   Lunch was ramen noodles with mixed veggies, no broth pack, and some Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top and I am going to have an apple in a couple of hours.  So far I have had 32 ounces of water.  I have been slacking off for awhile and need to not let it become a habit.


rjtrix said...

Having that same feeling this morning except my indulgence was tortilla strips and sour cream in a salad.  Good for you for hitting the gym.  Trying to decide whether to join one or buy a treadmill or eliptical trainer for the house.  What do you think?  It's awfully hot down here most of the year to go for walks...  Have a great day.

midwestvintage said...

A lot of people use the eliptical at the gym but I think it is a killer.  I can only do about 10 minutes and feel a coronary coming on and it makes my hips hurt.   I like the treadmill because it has different settings, cardio, weight loss, endurance, arobic etc.... but everyone is different.  Try them at the store and see which you perfer.


greytmom3721 said...

I was doing the treadmill for about a month but it was killing my shins!  So I started on the eliptical.  I did 3 minutes the first time and felt just like I was about to have a heart attack.  I am now up to 45 minutes on it and did level two for the first time yesterday.  I am burning between  500 and 600 calories per workout.  It is great!  I am getting the best cardio workout and my shins feel fine.  If I can do it, You can do it!  And just so you know, I am no light weight.  I have 80 lbs to lose.  Keep on truckin'

midwestvintage said...

I know, I have to get out of my comfort zone and try it again.  It always amazes me when I see people using it for an hour a time.  I did try it again the other day but have to admit I don't push it because I feel so uncomfortable on it.  I will try increasing my time a little at a time.


dacarson893 said...

That "weight loss" mode on the treadmill is really strange.  I had that same experience, too.  I had asked once, where I used to go, why it was like that and they said that you're supposed to use it for longer.  I get bored easily while exercising!  I would much rather walk faster or jog and get that heart rate up sooner!

Have you tried the Baskin Robbin's SF candies?  I especially like the Mint Chocolate one when I need a little something sweet.  I find them at Walmart and the Dollar Tree stores.

Your lunch sounds great!  Get to chugging with that water!  =)