Friday, January 13, 2006

Doing better

  Well I went back to bed for awhile and feel better now that I have had some sleep.  I called the doctor and they are switching my pain medication to Darvocet which I know doesn't make me itch.  I am so swollen and have pitting edema in my thighs and back.  I am debating whether I should take some of my lasix or just wait it out.  I also didn't realize my IV had infiltrated until I got home and saw how swollen my hand and arm was.  That was a surprise as I always thought that would hurt.   Thanks to everyone who emailed me letting me know the swelling was normal.  Nurses make such terrible patients. 

     I did my dressing change and washed up.  Frankenboobies look somewhat frightening but they should look better when the swelling goes down and the bruising goes away.  They are a sick yellow blue right now.  I have  sweatshirt on right now and I can't believe how it fits me.  So roomy.  The best news of all is the burning pain between my shoulder blades is gone.  It might be because I have been so lazy but I am hopeful it is already better because of the surgery.  

    I feel so behind in exercise.  I have to really watch that because I have been known to do to much after surgery and then mess myself up.  I need to just rest at least the weekend.  I get my drains out Monday and I will ask about starting my 10,000 steps.   For lunch I just had some leftover spagetti and warmed up applesauce.  Tasty.  I don't know what Rick is planning for supper.  It is in his hands for the weekend.



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dacarson893 said...

I'm glad that they are going to switch your pain medication so that you stop itching so much!

Frankenboobies...oh how funny!  Yellow and blue, huh?  Very interesting!  Great news about the roomy sweatshirt!  That's fantastic!