Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Crash Diet!


I found a not so pleasant way to get rid of the extra weight I put on.  I have been so sick since last night nothing is staying down.  I am finally under 200 but know it is due to dehydration so I am not counting it.  Boy am I glad this happened this week and not next week, but never would have been fine also.  I used to tease that I was bulemic, I had the binging down pat but the throwing up part stopped me cold.  And isn't it sad that the whole time I was getting sick I was wondering if my weight out be down this morning.  Yikes what is wrong with me.  

   So anyway I took some tylenol and for awhile anyway I am feeling better since my temp broke so I thought I would write in here.  Meals will be short but sweet,  1 bottle of 7up but it didn't stay around long.  1 can of slim fast which so far is hanging in there and my husband is out getting stuff to make chicken and noodle soup for me.  I am so upset as today and tomorrow would have been my last chances to work out at the gym until my surgery.  I will have to make sure I get there Monday and Tuesday after my appointment.  The doctor is drawing on my chest Tuesday so she has her cuts down.  It is better to do it while the patient is away and sitting up instead of under with their breasts under their armpits. 

  Well this seems to have worn me out so I am off to bed again.  I am sad that I am finally under 200 and can't celebrate but that day is coming real soon.

  On a very sad note.  12 of the 13 miners did not survive.  My MIL morning paper has a huge headline, 12 alive!  How terrible the news we get today.  That is why I don't get the newspaper.  It is old news and you can read the same thing in the paper in ever paper in every city now a days.  No more originalreporting.  Sound bites.  Opinionated.  Slanted. you name it you really have to wonder how accurate any of your news is.  I listen mostly to some radio stations and read the headliners on the web sites.  I don't have TV so I don't get my news from there but don't feel like I am missing anything from that angle either.  I miss the days of real reporters.  Some papers still have some great writers doing columns which are good reading but the front page is about as original as sin.  Oh well this is so off subject but anyway,  my prayers go out to the families. 

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ilovejesus925 said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I have lost 23 pounds and have 85 more to go!  Reading your blog gives me inspiration.  Thanks.  It is good to know I am not alone!