Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Book

  I was up half the night, from 2:30 until 6 am reading a new book I got from the library. It is called Passing for Thin Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self"  by Frances Kuffel and is about her losing over 110 pounds and the changes she undergoes.  It is a really must read book for anyone one a journey like mine to lose a large amount of weight.  Although I don't quite relate to her early years eating habits and sneak eating, so much of it hits home.  It is great the way she changes from an angry lonely woman with a poor self-image to a lovely happy self-assured woman.

   My husband figured out they took just slightly over 2 pounds off my chest which accounts for my 2 pound weight loss which means I have to get serious here.  I had added some more things to my diet since I was working out but now that I am on hold with that I need to cut those out.  That means in 2 weeks I really haven't lost anything that wasn't surgically removed.  Sigh.  I think the woman in the book went to over eaters Anonymous meetings and that is what helped her so much.  Maybe I should check the one out here in town and see if it is as good as the one in New York she went to.

   Breakfast today was shredded wheat.  I am stuck in a rut.  I might just have a tasty salad for supper and we are having crock-pot chicken and veggies.

  I have decided to take this week off from the gym.  I do not want to compromise my surgery or my recovery.  It is a killer though and I almost changed my mind as my husband took off for the gym.  I see the doctor next Tuesday and will then start going back if she says everything is OK.  I am not having as much discomfort today.

   OK we ended up having fish for supper with brown and wild rice and then I steamed a head of cauliflower.  I baked the fish because although it was 60 degrees out the winds were 40 MPH and it would have made grilling difficult.

  Went shopping today.  I wanted to get a top that would be flattering for my new chest but really hated the selection and I can't wait until I get out of plus sizes.  I ended up getting a heavenly pair of slacks that I have no idea what size they are because they weren't marked.  They were not in the plus sizes though and I got 2 workout pants also not in the plus sizes.  I can get by with large or x large.  I wish I knew what size the pants were.  The last ones I bought were an 18 and they are somewhat baggy on me.  I hate my body shape.  My stomach is horrible and still clinging to all the weight.  I don't think I have lost an ounce there.  My legs are getting thin, I can cross my legs and they don't do that awful rubbing together when I walk.  My arms, although flabby underneath, are smaller and my face is smaller.  Oh and I bought some shoes and have gone down a size in shoe!  Neat.  My stomach though won't budge.  If I win the lottery I will be making an appointment to get a tummy tuck right away.  Since that won't happen I will just have to plug away and try and work it off at the gym.  Sigh.


limedesigngirl said...

Hi Julie-- I found your site a couple of week ago, and have since then read the whole thing!  I enjoy reading a weight-loss blog that is real, not overly puffed with psycho-babble and revelation-- thanks so much for keeping it REAL! =)

I have read "Passing for Thin; Losing Half My Weight and Finding Myself."  I enjoyed it immensly,  It's nice to know someone made it to their goal and had just as hard of a time doing it as the rest of us!

After you're done with that one, check out "I'm Not the New Me" by Wendy McClure.  I stayed up half the night reading it, and it made me laugh so hard i cried and got side stiches!

Take Care of Yourself!


midwestvintage said...

Thanks for the heads up on another book to read.  I am a big reader and love true stories.  I thought the book I am reading was good and found another article written by her where she is still struggling.  For some reason that is nice to know.  Sometimes it seems like it was so easy for her to lose the weight and it came off so fast where for me it is a struggle and I earn each pound.

 Thanks for your kind comments on my journal.  It is in my goals for success and I really must admit that it helps me.  You can tell the days I am hungry by how many posts I have.


midwestvintage said...

 I looked on the net for the book and found this site along with her original blog site.  Your right, really funny.  Here is the link.

And the original blog site

 Thanks for letting me know about this.  Fun reading.

dacarson893 said...

Since the last thing you wrote is foremost in my mind, I'm going to respond to that first.

Julie, if you end up with an "apron" after you reach your goal, make sure you ask your doctor (or see a dermatologist) and see if he or she will back you up to take on your insurance company.  If it means a lifetime of skin problems under your apron, sometimes an insurance company will pay for a pannilectomy.  

I'm going to have to check out that book!  I was all about sneaking food from about 4th grade through 8th grade.  In 9th grade I switched the food I was hiding in my bedroom and I hid Slim-Fast cans in there instead.  

I know it's so difficult (and I know I need to practice this before I preach it!!) but try not to focus so much on the scale.  You're HEALING!  That's important!  Can you imagine what your weight would have been if you hadn't done all that exercising before your surgery?  The added muscle you have is burning more fat and using more energy anyway, even if you're not seeing the results just yet.  Hang in there!

Do you always have "breakfast" for breakfast?  Whenever I used to stall (when I was consistently losing and staying on plan) I would switch my meals around.  I would have the highest calorie meal for breakfast instead of at another time, or I would have a meal with meat, starch, and veggies for breakfast.  That might help to break that rut.  Plus it's fun to have breakfast foods for supper sometimes!

I'm sorry you didn't find any tops you liked when you went shopping.  That's great, though, that your pants aren't plus size!  Are you taking your measurements at all?  I try to remember to do mine once each month.  You may surprise yourself and find that you are losing in your stomach.

Keep it up, Julie!!!