Monday, September 19, 2005



  I just got ready for my shower and the scale said 213.4.  On, Off, On, Off, take my shower, check again, still the same.  I have my son weigh himself to see if his weight is the same, it is!  Yikes another pound!  Love it, love it.  That makes 28.6 pounds I have lose.   I got the blinky above at this really cool site.  It is free to download as long as you do it the right way.  She has some great ones for weight loss. Check out the site in my links section.  Not sure what I will make for supper tonight.  Maybe grill some chicken.  I need some lettuce as I didn't get a salad for 2 days and am craving some.  At 3 I am going to curves and workout. 


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missredpoppy said...

Wow Julie-

I'm so impressed with your journal!  This is very cool!  After looking at it  I'm thinking of making my own.  I wish you lots of luck!

Rebecca (100lb+ board)