Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mental Exhaustion

   I just got off work and it has been a very stressful and difficult 2 days so far.  We went live on computer charting and there is so much to remember and so many glitches.  It took me over a hour to get my IVs in because the last shift had forgotten to chart theirs.  I finally broke down and cried and I am not much of a crier.  I realize this will get better and a month from now I will be a pro at this, but right now it totally is awful.  My head hurts and my eyes hurt from looking at a screen for the last 12 hours.  I have however stayed with my plan and even did some knee exercises that Robin was nice enough to send me.  Thanks Robin.  Now to meditate ( I really need it today). and the sleep so I can do it all over again at 7.

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