Friday, September 2, 2005

Down more

  Finally it is going down again.  This morning, 216.2  I got past the block and am going to enjoy this until it blocks again.  Worked my booty off last night and in the 12 hours only sat about 1 hour total.  I am really exhausted.  They are looking for volunteers to go south to aide medically after Katrina.  I wanted to sign up but the hospital says none of us can go while we are in the middle of going up on the computer charting.  I'm sorry but this seems alot more important to me!

  I have been stringing together paper clips for each pound I have lost,  Just a visual reminder.  It is getting pretty long and the bowl with how many more I want to lose is finally showing a dent.  I wonder if it will stretch around the room?


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