Monday, September 5, 2005

Bemused Early Morning thoughts

   I was lying in bed being happy because the scale said 216 this morning and then remembered how, not to far back, the total dismay I felt when I weighed in at the doctors at 214.  I felt so huge and ashamed of myself for getting that big.  Now, having been at 252 it seems so much smaller to me and I feel so happy to be so "small".  I just thought this was rather amusing. 

    I am off today and plan on getting some form of exercise in.  I has been terribly hot and humid but I would love to go on a bike ride.  I am going to have slim fast for breakfast and I haven't got the rest of the day planned.  Something chicken for supper probably.  I haven't any lettuce so a yummy salad is out unless I get myself moving and to the store.  I plan on going to get my charm for quitting smoking and am thinking about getting my turtle charm for when I hit 30 pounds.  Thats only 4  pounds away.

   I just found out I sold one of my jardinieres for $2200.00.  Yippy.  It is a beautiful very old Roseville tourist Jaridiniere, very rare.  I will be very happy to get the money.

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