Monday, September 26, 2005

Quiet House

  The grandchildren and my son are on their way home.  The house seems so quiet, nice but sad also.  I was pretty impressed with myself because it used to wear me out taking care of them when they lived here 6 months ago.  Now I have the energy to keep up with them.  I outlasted everyone actually.  I did eat some foods off plan and found myself doing what so many mothers probably do, finishing some food on their plates rather then wasting it.  Except for pizza I pretty much kept them on the same plan as we eat.  I get the impression they eat at fast food places quite abit.  They are pretty fussy eaters but loved the fruit and didn't seem to mind the no fat milk or low fat cheese on the wraps. 


   I am dying for some exercise though and Rick is getting the bikes ready as we speak.  I need a long ride and then maybe curves later.  My muscles feel slack.  I am thinking of quitting curves and joining the gym full time.  I want to start using some weight machines and I like the idea of the indoor walking tract for this winter.  It is closer also.  Since I found out how much bone loss I have suffered in just 2 years I am determined to reverse the damage or at least not let it get any worse.  Back on tract.  The great thing about my plan is it is so easy to get back in the groove.


     Oh glorious bike riding.  Soaring along the bike path with the heavy scent of spicy leaves overhead and the crunching of drying leaves underneith.  It is amazing that I am able to go this fast and far using my own 2 legs.  Who would have thought an overweight 51 year old could move this fast.  I just love riding my bike.  The water along the path was so still and blue and the wind in my face.  My thigh muscles burning as I pump to go faster and faster.  We did 10 miles and I really needed it after the week.  I still haven't weighed myself, I am afraid it isn't going to be pretty.  I am going to water aerobics today shortly and will weigh after that.  I would like to ride again this afternoon.

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