Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Glorious Bikeride

  Water aerobics started out slow for me today.  My upper arms felt so heavy.  The 2nd hour went much better and after class I talked to them about joining the gym full time.  I think I will give up Curves and join the gym.  Curves is a wonderful wonderful place, don't get me wrong, but if I join the gym I could do water aerobics everyday and work out on the weight machines and the one thing I am not doing that I should be is pumping iron.  I want to turn this fat into muscle.  I am in somewhat of a panic state since my Dexa Scan.  At the rate my bone is deteriorating I could be crippled up in as few as 4 years.  I am taking 1500 mg of calcium a day and with increasing my workout and losing more weight I hope to prevent it.  How in the world did I let myself get this bad?

  I had a delcious lunch of spring lettuce salad with shredded deli turkey, low fat of course, pine nuts and Anne's organic raspberry dressing, Yummy.  For supper I am making low fat chicken fajita's and I am having another salad.  I have a bunch of peppers to use up.    I am pretty pleased with how healthy my diet is these day.  I never was much of a junk food eater or fast food eater but I didn't get enough fruit and I love pasta so I ate lots of that.  Rick has been really after me to have spagetti but I am not sure how to make it light enough and still be good.  I used to put hot italian sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, garlic and peppers in the sauce.  It is so good that way.  I would try turkey but I would miss the italian sausage.  Instead of noodles I could use spagetti squash.  Garlic bread is something I could lighten up with low fat margarine, reduce calorie bread and low fat cheese.  I will have to go to the light and tasty site and see if they have any good recipes.

  We are going to touch up the paint in the laundry room today and then go for another bike ride.  I am trying to talk Rick into joining the gym with me.  I can't understand why he doesn't want to.  He likes being physically active.  I have until Thursday to talk him into it.  I will be having my washer and dryer delivered this week.  So excited.  I found some old clothes I had packed away from when I lost weight before.  Instead of getting rid of them I will now have something to wear when I get smaller.  They are a size medium so I have a ways to go.

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