Friday, September 9, 2005


   I went to water aerobics today, only 1 hour on Friday, and after class the instructor came up and said, you have really lost some weight haven't you.  I was pretty surprised but a swimming suit really hides very little.  So it is starting to show.  I tried taking some pictures to show how much I have lost but with my old baggy clothes on they don't look much different to me.  I will eventually post some more pictures.  

 For lunch today I had a delicious salad with mushrooms, salmon, pine nuts, and low fat raspberry dressing.  I could live on salads. I had a Oatmeal breakfast bar for breakfast today.  I am craving some fish and need to go to the store for supper stuff so will see what they ahve.

   I ordered my new monitor today from  It had a ton of great reviews and the price is $200 less then  a simular one at best buy.  I can't wait to get it.  This one I am using now is getting ready to bite the dust.  The picture is really dark and getting darker everyday.  I can't see pictures which is bad when I get pictures of my grandchildren.

AG Neovo F-419 / 19-Inch / 700:1 Contrast / 25ms / 1280 x 1024 / DVI / Black LCD Monitor

   Later in the day.  We just finished supper and I got my fish craving taken care of.  We grilled catfish and I made dill sauce, low call of course, rice and mixed veggies.  I am breaking the rules by having some Pinot Grigio white wine.  It sure tastes good with this fish.  I have no idea how much calories is in it.  I never did get to curves to work out today.  Water aerobics will have to do.  If it doesn't rain we are going for a bike ride tomorrow.

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