Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dieting with young children around



  One thing I remember now is how hard it is to diet with young children in the house, mostly because no matter what you fix them to eat they don't finish it and you hate to waste it.  The dog has been making out pretty good this weekend and is following the kids around hopeful for falling scrapes.  I have not been successful at staying on my plan as well I should have and will have to do double time to make up for it.  I have not had time to update my food journal, so while the kids are gone for awhile I will see how badly I blew it yesterday.  It really is the first time I have done bad since I started my plan.  I knew I was going to have cake and ice cream yesterday for the birthday party and had maybe the size of 1/2 of a business card size.  Not to bad.  Had a sandwich yesterday with meat and cheese but not low fat cheese and horrors, white bread on half.  Ate pizza for supper but only one piece.  I am trying to do some counter pushups and tai chi when I can and can only hope running after an extremely busy 2 year old will be burning some calories.  I am missing like crazy my exercising.  We did some walking at the are fair where I bought the neatest bird bath, but not enough.  Oh well, I don't see my grandbabies enough and I know I will get rid of the bad effects of this weekend.  The kids have liked the pears and low fat pudding I bought so I pointed out to my son that just little changes now may help prevent them from getting as heavy as us.  My oldest son is also very heavy, takes after me, and eats the wrong foods.  I worry about him as he has high blood pressure but he won't do anything about it.  My daughter in law is starting to diet and workout so maybe she will start cooking light for them.  I am going to send them a subscription to light and tasty magazine.

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