Wednesday, September 21, 2005

30, 30, 30 pounds gone forever!



  To be completely accurate, 30.6 pounds this morning.  I weighed in at 211.4  This week has been total amazing how fast it is dropping off.  Once again I had my husband weigh himself to see if it was accurate and he said he is up because he weighed with clothes on today.  In 12 pounds I will be under 200 for the first time since 1988. I will save my next charm for that.  I wonder what I should get?  I am hopping for joy today.  Just to show the difference in another way.  My starting BMI was 41.5 which is severely obese.  My current BMI is 36.2 which is obese.  Who would have thought I would be happy to be obese.

  I heard from my Doctor today and she is just now sending in my pre-determination papers.  I thought they would have been sent about 2 weeks ago.  The insurance company usually takes about 5 weeks so it looks like I have longer to wait to find out about my surgery then I thought.  Darn.  Work will not be happy if I am off at Thanksgiving.  If I am approved that is.

  My Turtle charm for 30 pounds lost signifying slow but steady wins the race.

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