Thursday, September 15, 2005

My new Monitor

  I got my new monitor yesterday right before our ride.  It is wonderful  My old screen was a 15" and this is a 19".  It is like looking at a TV and the color is wonderful.  My pictures looks great again.  The other one was so dark I couldn't see pictures well at all.  I am very happy with it.

   We did go on our ride yesterday and our son went with us.  He was pretty impressed that I could do it especially since my bike makes it twice as hard at his $2000.00 bike.  I have to pedal twice as much.  I told him I needed to do twice as much work to lose all this weight.  It was a little tame for him, no big hills but it is so pretty and nice out there it makes up for it.  Anyway I had a great time.  We did as far as our speed also and were averaging 9 mph which I realize sound slow but it pretty good to keep up for 10 miles.  The weather is perfect right now.

  Today I went to water aerobics.  I got both of my suits and finally have a modest coverage on the top.  The one still has a skirt and I like to hide my thighs but I hate how they float around you so I will pin it down next time.  The other one doesn't have a skirt so I may order some swim shorts to wear with it.  My mother in law says I worry to much about it, which is probably true but if I am not comfortable I don't work out as hard.  I worked my butt off today.  It feels wonderful.

  Back to work tonight so my biking, water aerobics and other fun things are off until I am off again.  We started doing all of our charting on computers at work while I was off, so I am dreading going back to work tonight.   Its hard teaching this old dog new tricks I guess.

  I had a slim fast for breakfast and then salmon on a bun for lunch.  I really blew it with my salmon as I wanted to put some dill in with it but had forgotten to put the cap on with the holes the last time I used it.  I ended up putting about 5 tsp of dill in with the salmon.  You want a little salmon with that dill lady?  No way to get it all out, so I just ate it that way.  I also had added some old bay and cajun spices .  Mixed with low fat mayo, low fat pepper jack on top and one of my low fat buns.  Really pretty disappointing but I wasn't going to waste it.  I really wanted a super salad but would have had to go to the store and I needed to shower and do some things before I went so I will make a great one for supper.  I am also on my 2nd half gallon of water already today.  It is getting better drinking all the water I need.  I put either lemon in it or crystal lite peach.

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