Saturday, September 10, 2005

Guilt workout

   We went out to eat today and I had pizza.  Pineapple and canadian bacon.  I had some great beer also so my whole great eating day and exercise went down the tubes but I love pizza made that way and will work off the effects.  We went on a bike ride afterwards, in the dark about 5 miles.  It was wonderful sailing along in the dark with the breeze in your face.  Half way all of a sudden there were fireworks!  We hadn't heard about them having any so it was so wonderful riding down by the river and watching them.  A magical evening.  The wind was still gusting away so going back was lots of leg work.

We hope to ride again in the morning as the wind is suppose to die down.  I hope to get Rick going early enough we don't have the heat to deal with.

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