Thursday, September 29, 2005



 I have decided to quit Curves and go to 4 Seasons full time.  As a full time member I can take water aerobics everyday, work out on the equipment and use the walking track.  I could even take Karote or tennis.  My husband is going to become a member also.  Curves is a wonderful place and it got me exercising again, but I feel like I need more and it won't cost much more doing the gym with the 2 of us as I am paying now.  In the 10 successful weight loss tips the only one I wasn't doing was pumping iron.  With my arthritis I have to watch it but there are things I could do to strengthen my bones more.

 I got my washer and dryer today.  You can tell I'm old when new appliences thrill me. 

  I bought a bunch of green beans and blanched them so I could freeze some.  I love fresh green beans.  For supper tonight I am having turkey broils, wild rice and green beans.  Back to work tonight. 

  Below is the 1916 Roseville Tourist Jardiniere I sold to pay for my new washer, dryer, freezer, and monitor. It is very rare and quite possibly one of a kind as they were hand painted and the decorations differed slightly on them. 


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