Thursday, September 8, 2005

This months Measurements!

   I got measured at curves today.  7 more inches gone.  I have lost a total of -14.32 body fat pounds and a total of 22.25 inches since July 8th.  The blue is starting, the red is now.

Bust   49.25             47.00

Waist 46.00              41.00

Abdomen 53.50      47.50

Hips      52.00          50.50

Thighs   27.00          25.00

Arms:   13.75           12.00

   I started curves after I had started my diet, so my starting weight was 236.  I weighed today, ( this was after eating and with my clothes on so it is different then when I weigh in the morning), 219.  There scales is usually 5 pounds heavier then mine or my doctors so I don't get to upset with it.

   Anyway I am so proud of myself.  I am getting a waist and really need to be getting some new clothes as these are just hanging off of me, but I can't afford to.  I sold my jardiniere but instead of having some extra money, just found out my husband needs a crown and the air went out in my car.  The positive thing, thank goodness I sold the jardiniere so I have the money to get this tooth fixed and the car fixed.  My monitor is going out also so I have to get another one of those.  That pretty much takes all the money.

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